Do you have an iPhone 14 and are thinking of purchasing the iPhone 16? you should know this


The iPhone 14 and iPhone 16 are expected to have differences substantial. The first of them is observed in the panel, with the presence of the Dynamic Island. On the back, the position of the cameras It will be different, due to the vertical position, similar to the iPhone X and XS, and not diagonally, as is available on the iPhone 14.

The arrival of the action buttonwhich was already included in last year's Pro models, as well as the arrival of the USB-C port, which was also integrated into the previous generation.


iPhone 14 yellow

If you have an iPhone 14, you will notice a lot of difference if you upgrade to the new generation. Rumors suggest that it will have a very efficient OLED panel thanks to microlens technology.

Another novelty is that it is expected to reach the 2,000 nits of brightness outdoor, 1,600 nits maximum brightness (HDR) and 1,000 typical maximum brightness.


The camera between both generations will be one of the big differences: the iPhone 16 camera will incorporate all the improvements of the 15 Pro and 14 Pro. Specifically, we highlight the arrival of 48MP and the possibility of recording spatial video. These may be its great improvements, but there are many more, for example, the arrival of a Smart HDR 5next-generation portraits with focus and depth control, improved night mode and night mode portraits.

From a hardware point of view, we find a opening f/1.6 versus f/1.5 and a 0.5x, 1x, 2x optical zoom, versus 1x and 0.5x on the iPhone 14.

Chip, memory and connectivity

iPhone 14 Pro

Apple processors are one of the least important sections when choosing an iPhone, since they have spectacular performance even years after their purchase. Specifically, the iPhone 14 has the A15 Bionic chip, with two 2 GB of additional memory and the second generation ultra wideband chip. Instead, the iPhone 16 will incorporate the A18 Bionicthe same chip as the Pro models, but without reaching the same level as the A18 Pro.

Another of its differences is the arrival of Neural Engine with more cores to support functions of AI; It will also incorporate 8 Gb of RAM compared to the 6 Gb of the iPhone 14. Finally, Wi-Fi 6E connectivity stands out, compared to Wi-Fi 6.

Is it worth upgrading?

On paper it seems that there will be significant changes between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 16. There were already very interesting changes between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 15 and now they are enhanced by the improvements that the new generation that will be presented in September will include.

Among its main differences are the action button, the arrival of AI and a new camera layout that will offer better performance in all scenarios.

In short, if you sell the iPhone 14 at a good price, I have no doubt that the iPhone 16 will be a great option.