Do you know what Apple earns every time you use Apple Pay?

That is why today we are going to see how much money Apple takes every time you use its payment systembecause yes, they also win, even if it doesn't cost you more to pay with a card or with your iPhone.

What does Apple gain if I use Apple Pay?

And nothing is free in this life, and Apple does not offer us a payment system for convenience, but because they themselves they make a lot of money thanks to your purchases. Hence, they have implemented it in their Apple Watch and give you many facilities to pay, even online, not just physically.

Now, how much do they take? This does not depend on the establishment, which may have different conditions when using its dataphone, depending on the bank, who also takes its share, but Apple always takes the same thing.

And this income is located in the 15 cents every 100 dollars, or failing that cents. It may seem ridiculous, however, the level of daily billing is brutal, and it is one of their greatest sources of income, especially since it is so passive, and does not require great work on their part, but rather the use of their clients.

This is added, as we said, to the bank's commissions, which can be as many, so when you pay something, the establishment does not keep everything, you will know for sure that at least those 15 cents every 100 euros will be discounted, since that go to Apple, who may then have agreements with Visa, Mastercard and other cards that you have added to their system and use.

Therefore, if you go to eat at a restaurant and pay 45 euros on account with your iPhone and Apple Pay, you will be giving about 7 cents of profit to Tim Cook's company, more than what you leave as a tip to the establishment. , since when paying by card, we are not in the habit of leaving it.

Apple Pay

And what happens if you use this method to purchase the new Vision Pro on a website other than Apple but with its payment method? Well, it won't be 7 cents anymore, but about 5 euros, which hey, that's money.

And you, did you know that Apple made money with your purchases? And although it does not affect you nor do you have any commission for choosing between cash or Apple Pay, both the store and the apple company do change them. stuff.

So nothing, from now on when you go shopping you can choose whether to give your money to a bank, an online banking app, Apple, Google, or directly in cash, all for the store. It's little, but hey, the result of millions of people is a lot of money.