Do you remember the benefits of macOS Ventura?

There are only a few weeks left for WWDC, the event where the guys from Cupertino present all the software news that the new operating systems will have. One of the versions that generates the most interest is macOS, due to how new software can improve the incredible Apple Silicon. However, before thinking about the future, Do you remember what’s new in macOS Ventura? Let’s recap them below.

What’s new in macOS 13 Ventura

Although users are always looking for new features focused on productivity or visual improvements, macOS Ventura stands out above all for its great stability and fluidity, since, Macs are equipment to work and Apple cannot afford a bad experience, so its news are always slower and less striking or visual than iOS or iPadOS. However, this generation includes very interesting improvements:

Visual Organizer and Continuity

The Visual Organizer is one of the great novelties included in macOS Ventura. With this function, you will be able to automatically organize the applications such as the sales that you have open to be able to concentrate much better on the work you are doing.

Mac with Visual Organizer

Secondly, the great improvement that Continuity has had in this new version for Mac stands out. Above all, because you can use the iPhone as if it were a webcam. Along with it, it also allows you to transfer FaceTime calls between different devices.

iPhone as webcam

Shared tabs and access keys

Apple is aware that we are facing an increasingly connected world. For this reason, in each version they enhance the possibilities that their devices can teamwork. In this context, groups of shared tabs, whose functions are also included in the iPad and iPhone, greatly enhance this tool.


Another very interesting section with the access keys. Apple, in its constant effort to improve the privacy and security of its users, especially where attacks are becoming more important and weighty. To remedy this problem, Apple introduces access keys, a new way to authenticate without compromising the integrity of different user accounts.

News in Mail

Finally, we highlight the email news, which has become a clear alternative to the almighty Spark. In this generation, you can schedule emails, content reminders, indicating if there is something in the email that should be there or not through artificial intelligence. Finally, it also includes the function to remember later, as well as content suggestions. However, Spark is still most favorite of Apple users, despite the huge leap that Apple has taken with its native app.

Mail Mac

Finally, it is important to highlight the presence of the iCloud Shared Photo Librarywhere you can share your photos with the rest of the Apple family without having to send anything at all.

TO conclusion Mode, We are currently on macOS 13.3, so it is very unlikely that we will see a new version of macOS Ventura officially before June 5, the date on which the Developers Conference takes place.