Do you want a good iPhone and want to spend little money? Check out this iPhone 14 Pro offer

If there is a product that every Apple fan waits all year to find out what its new features are and is up to date with all the rumor mill, it is the iPhone, the best-selling product in the company’s history and which year after year is the pillar of the company. It is true that the iPhone 15 came out less than two weeks ago, but from the editorial team of the bitten apple we always recommend buying the previous generation to the current one, since it has a much cheaper price and with practically similar functionalities, so that its price is one of its great attractions and even more so if it is on sale. Keep reading, this is an offer that will leave you speechless.

A discount at the height of a titan

Buying a Pro model after the launch of a new generation has become an increasingly complex task, not only because Apple eliminates this product from the Apple catalog, but because the last units disappear very quickly due to significant discounts. what different companies do. Fortunately, platforms like Amazon are one of the companies that maintain their Stock several months after their launch and at a very competitive price, which makes it tremendously interesting that I continue reading because we have an offer that will blow you away.

Due to Apple’s update policy and its price, from the editorial team of this portal specialized in Apple, we consider that the iPhone 14 Pro is the best option for 2023 and 2024 and if you hurry me, until 2025, especially because If we analyze it carefully, there are hardly any differences between generations and the performance it will offer you over the years will be exquisite. Notice the few differences that there are that even with a new processor with a new architecture, the hours of autonomy are the same. Let’s see the prices we have from Amazon.

The best value for money iPhone in 2023 is called iPhone 14 Pro

Once you know this offer, we are going to highlight the strongest points of this device and of course, we have to highlight first the battery, a device that has autonomy from dawn to dusk and that, as we said before, is similar to the new generation of Apple, so you are looking for a device with magnificent autonomy, the iPhone 14 is a perfect option.


Another of its strong points is the screen, a 6.1-inch XDR panel that will allow you to see content like never before with a resolution rate of 120 Hz and with the incorporation of Pro Motion technology. The iPhone 15 does not have this technology, staying at 60 Hz, which shows that if you compare it with a more current generation, the 14 Pro generation practically beats it.

Finally, we have to highlight its processor, the A16 Bionic chip, a chip that has a perfect balance between energy efficiency and performance, without a doubt, the best chip on the market above direct competition and that is even better than other processors that They haven’t been on the market for a year. I have the iPhone 15 that has the same processor and it works incredibly. It barely heats up even when we play games with a lot of graphical power like Call Of Duty or Oceanhorn 2. In short, don’t think twice and buy the iPhone 14 Pro below the price of the iPhone 15 Pro, the best option for this 2023 and by 2024.