Do you want professional quality in your video calls? Use the iPhone

Support Glangeh Support

Have a correct position in video calls It is essential, and above all, to have a work space that allows you to write down any type of issue that you want to address later. This Glangeh support is perfect for this, since it generates a workspace that allows you to place other accessories such as an electronic notebook, external storage drives to access any file quickly and display documents in a more efficient and productive way.

The position of this Glangeh support is adjustable, since you can place the device from a very small distance from the desk up to a total of 19 cm, so its ergonomics allow it to adapt to the user’s needs. Within its design, it has a design designed for facilitate ventilation of your device, since temperature increases can occur when we are on a video call and sharing a screen with other users to show the project.

macOS Ventura and iPhone, the best possible combination

One of the great novelties of macOS Ventura is the possibility of being able to use the iPhone as a webcam,allowing for much higher resolution quality than you get with both the Mac and the Studio Display. This new accessory is available in Two colorsblack and white and you can buy it from the app store from Apple or the Apple official website via online.

This Belkin MagSafe iPhone mount for Mac notebooks gets MagSafe technology for the new features of Chamber Continuity. Through this magnetic support, you can broadcast in free modes or change the orientation of your iPhone just by turning it. When you detach your iPhone from your Mac, you can use the magnetic mount as a grip to hold it or as a kickstand to watch videos and other content.


lights the cat

Along with your accessory for the iPhone and the support for the Mac, there is another great accessory such as those known by many as the lights The cat. These Mondays serve to generate greater visibility of the face, with natural tones and a balanced LED light, very interesting for video conferences or video calls between friends or coworkers.

This accessory has a support that allows it to be placed freely so that promote light, with adjustment capacity both in height, inclination and rotation. Finally, from the iPhone itself, you can download the G Hub application to customize all the parameters you are looking for in order to have good lighting.

The cat

The Belkin Alternative

If the option that Apple offers from your website does not convince you, there is a very interesting alternative to use the iPhone as a video call and that is known by many users. Specifically, we refer to Victiv Tripod tripod adjustable and portable, so you can use it anywhere which is available for different iPhone models.

Unlike the Belkin device, the tripod is extendable and adjustable, so you can place it in the position that best suits you, reaching a total of 165 cm, divided into three levels of extension, so you can place it anywhere the most correct shape for good visibility in conjunction with the Mac and El Gato lights mentioned above.