Do you want to buy at the Apple Store cheaper? So you can do it!

The official Apple store does not usually lower prices in the usual way. In fact, it is the one that maintains the most hermetic prices during the entire life cycle of the products. And many times, other stores lower prices, being able to buy cheaper Apple products. But all this does not take away from the fact that they do not exist. ways to save money when buying in the official store. So in this post we review all of them and bring them to you.

Apple lowers prices in its own way

The ways to get lower prices in the Apple Store do not refer to specific times or dates. Although in the “four special days of Apple purchases” (not to call it Black Friday) we have special offers actively, the truth is that what we are going to teach you is present throughout the year. And no matter when you buy a product, what If you do it through one of these channels you will have a significant discount.

Student and faculty discounts

Throughout the year, Apple offers university students and educational staff the ability to pay less for its products and services. In this case, all the products have a discount that, to apply it, can be done in two ways:

  • Through registration on the UNiDAYS website.
  • Presenting our student or teacher card in person at the Apple Store.

We will not be paying the full price of the product, but the discount will be 10%. At first it does not seem like much, but in some products it can mean breaking the entry barrier when buying it.

Discounts for companies and organizations

In addition to the educational sector, Apple offers the possibility of paying less for its products thanks to the discounts they offer in the company sector. In this way, we will be saving good money, in the event that we buy a product as a company or as freelancers, being able to present the corresponding invoice to deduct.

Here, however, there is a very important detail to take into account. But this is not promoted by Apple, but by Spanish legislation. All the products that, as individuals we buy, have a three-year guarantee (one that is borne by the manufacturer, and the following two that are borne by the establishment that sells it).

This, however, is not the case in business purchases, since the transactions are regulated through different legislation and, therefore, it is excluded outside of consumer laws. This means that the equipment that we buy under these conditions They only have a one year warranty.which will be in charge of Apple itself.

refurbished products

If we want to find current (and past) models at a lower price than the “standard” purchase, Apple has a section of reconditioned products. This equipment has been tuned up, checked and repaired by the company itself. This also implies that all the parts that have been used to fix the failures that the devices may have are100% original.

refurbished iphone

And even if they are older product models, being reconditioned by themselves, it is possible to contract Apple Care+. With which we can extend the warranty coverage, and we can have access to repairs at a much cheaper cost (and even without having to pay for them expressly).