Do you want to change the battery of your iPhone? Do it now or you will regret it

The battery is one of the components of your iPhone that degrades before, mainly affecting the use that we give it on a day-to-day basis. However, from 2023 the price of replacing Apple batteries will rise again. Therefore, In this post we are going to see if it is worth it to change the battery before the price increase and how much is said increase.

Autonomy, key in your iPhone.

All batteries have a series of properties that over time lose performance. When you buy the device, the battery is at 100%, but as time goes by, that maximum capacity gradually decreases. As you already know, the batteries work by charging cycle, that is to say, it is not necessary to charge the phone from 0 to 100%, but it produces through a cycle due to the system of lithium ions that they currently contain.

It is important to highlight that you should not be obsessed with the battery, With normal use, correct charging and periodic updates to the device, the battery may degrade 2-3% each year. After 500 cycles, it is when Apple’s battery begins to degrade more noticeably.

How much and when are prices going to rise?

Prices will go up from March 1, 2023, The replacement is around 100 euros and they will go up in all models prior to the iPhone 14. Obviously, it makes sense that the price increase does not affect the most current models, because these devices have not yet been on the market for a year , so in the event that the battery degrades quickly, replacement is free because the device is under warranty.

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Finally, if you have contracted the Apple Extended Warranty Service, This increase does not affect you, that is, it only affects those devices that do not have a guarantee or do not have the aforementioned guarantee services.

Do I anticipate the price increase and change the battery now?

This question directly answers the type of user you are and how the battery degradation that your iPhone presents affects you. If you have an iPhone with a battery percentage below below 80% or close to that threshold, It can be considered that the battery is quite degraded, so it is interesting that you take advantage of it before the price rise.


if you are a basic user, It might be a good idea to replace the battery at 80-75%, since it is at this value that the device will probably not last a full day and you will have to charge it in the middle of the afternoon. If you make the switch now, your device will likely last you several more years with a great user experience. In the event that your battery is around 85-80%, and you use it intensely, you will notice the loss of autonomy and you will probably have to carry an external battery or charge it in the middle of the afternoon and above all, because in five or six more months the battery will be at the 80% threshold mentioned in the previous paragraph.