Do you want to choose the best gift for this Christmas? Here you have it and very cheap

The Three Wise Men of the East, Santa Claus, the baby Jesus or Amazon (you understand what I mean) are special because they always fulfill our dreams and everything we ask for always comes to us. Now, when writing the letter, we are unsure whether to choose one device or another. Therefore, in this post, we are going to answer one of the most complicated questions we have in the Apple catalog. Which HomePod to buy? Let’s see it below.

Differences between HomePod premium and HomePod mini

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that both devices have a completely different design, since the HomePod is twice as tall, but not twice as wide. Additionally, the second-generation HomePod has a rectangular shape, but the HomePod mini has a more ovoid shape. By taste, the second generation of the HomePod is visually much better.

Once the physiognomy of both units, the new generation of HomePod maintains the two colors of the first generationwhile, the first and only mini generation has five different colors. For aesthetics, the HomePod 2 is much prettier, although for a work studio, perhaps the mini is a better option. Of course, at the top, in both we find touch buttons to increase and decrease volume, and the Siri logo when we invoke it.


Regarding audio quality, the HomePod for space and price, we can quickly come to the conclusion that it has more speakers than the mini, and even has the technology to adapt depending on the room in which it is located. Instead, the HomePod mini has a single full-range speaker with 360º sound. In terms of sound quality, the HomePod 2 is better than the mini, but we cannot say under any circumstances that it is a bad product. It would be lying.

new black HomePod

It is important to note that both are compatible with multi-zone function, which allows you to place several speakers throughout the house and each one of them emits different or the same music. Also, highlight that the HomePod has a processor S7, while its brother has an S5 chip. Is that a reason to opt for one or the other? The truth is that not because we know the level of Siri today and above all, in this type of device, the really important thing is that it synchronizes well and quickly with our iPhone or Mac if we are in the studio.


Although they do not share the same processor, both devices They share many software featuressuch as the humidity and temperature sensor, privacy and customization of your home’s Homekit, as well as the ability to create automations.

Which one is more worth it?

Depends. Like everything in this life, not everything is black or white, but there is a wide range of colors. As you can see, both devices have notable differences that can be seen in the price.

Black HomePod

Now, if your friend, family member or partner is looking for a device to listen to music professionallythe best thing you can do is purchase the second generation HomePod, while if you are a user who with listen to good music while you are in the shower, ironing or cleaning up the house and you don’t care about having quality treble and bass, better a HomePod mini because you are going to enjoy it a lot and you are going to get the most out of it.