Do you want to download maps on your iPhone? So you can do it!

If you are going on a trip abroad, or you do not want to be using mobile data when you have to go somewhere, in this post we show you a way with which you will be able to save maps, and have them without internet. In this way, even if you do not have coverage, or cannot connect to networks, you will be able to have a complete map, but stored in the memory of your phone.

You can download maps for free thanks to this app

Best of all, being able to have offline maps is free, thanks to an application. This is called Maps.Me and is available for free download on the iPhone. Of course, you have to know that it also includes payment plan options, within the application, which are used to eliminate ads that may appear, and to be able to add extra functionalities.

As an important point, before starting to see the process, you have to know that the maps will take up space on the iPhone, if we download them. That is why it is very important to take into account the storage space that we have available, locally. Since, if we do not have enough space, we will not be able to store them on the phone. In the same way, the maps will consume mobile data, so the best option is to have a Wi-Fi connection.Depending on the area we want to keep, some maps can weigh more than 100 megabytes.

So you can download maps on your iPhone

First of all, we are going to have to download the Maps.Me application. Once it is installed, we are going to open it and we are going to go to the More section, in the lower menu bar. In that menu we are going to see an option called Download Maps. We have to click on it, and a search engine will open, in which we will have to enter the area that we are going to want to see offline.

When we see it, the size of the space that it will occupy will also appear. Click on the Download button and, once it starts, we will be able to find it in the More > Download Maps section. in that area Let’s see the Offline Maps section, where they will be organized by country. At all times we will be able to delete the maps that we no longer want to use.

maps without internet iphone

In addition to having the maps downloaded, the application also offers a search engine with which to find different places in the city that we indicate. To do this, we will have to go to the first option called Search, in the lower menu bar. When we click on it, a bar will open so we can enter the location we want. Once we have selected it, it will open and be marked on the map.

As a last point, it is also important to mention that the location search features will also be available offline. Not only are we going to have the map, but also options to find where the place we want to go is. That is why, in addition to the map content itself, the files will require space.

MAPS ME Offline Maps
MAPS ME Offline Maps