Do you want to dress up your new Vision Pro with accessories? This is what you will have to pay for them

Apple's new mixed reality glasses are not cheap. Luckily, they come with many accessories necessary for them to work, and we can adapt it to our shape, right out of the box (if we don't take into account the Zeiss crystals). However, if we want to purchase these accessories separately, either because we want to have a duplicate, or because we want to adapt the glasses even more to us, Apple sells these accessories on its official website in the United States. Do you want to know which ones are on sale right now and how much they cost? We tell you about it in this article!

Whether you are looking for glasses to better adapt your vision, additional straps and fastenings of different sizes, or spare batteries, there is an interesting range of accessories on the official Apple Store website. If we compare the prices of these with the $3,500 that the glasses cost, we will see significantly lower figures. But the prices are, to say the least, peculiar. Do you want to see them? Go for it!


The power system of the new Apple Vision Pro is based on an external battery that powers the device. This connects via a special magnetic grip to the glasses using a cable that is attached to the pack. On the Apple website you can buy the battery assembly with the cable at a price of 199 dollars.

Travel bag

If we want to transport our Apple Vision Pro from one place to another, and at the same time we want to protect them from breakages or any other type of damage due to falls, Apple sells us a carrying case. This consists of a space to store the glasses, as well as storage for the battery with the cable, necessary for the device to function. In turn, an additional bag is included in which to store accessories. Its price in the Apple Store? Again, $199.

vision pro carrying case

ZEISS crystals

One of the best-known accessories of the Vision Pro, it is also one of the essential ones if we use glasses or contact lenses of a certain prescription. These are inserted in front of the two optics on the inside, and their purpose is to correct the image so that our eyes can see everything in detail. Its price starts at $99 in the US Apple Store.

zeiss vision pro

light blocker

Although it is included in the Vision Pro box, Apple also sells us additional light blockers. Its function is none other than to prevent outside light from interfering between our eyes and the two interior screens. It is a padded device that is placed on the back of the glasses, and then we put the glasses on top. Its price? 199 dollars.

vision pro light blocker

Light Blocking Cushion

If we want to have an even more comfortable grip on the face, we can place a cushion that adheres to the light blocking filter. Available in different sizes, this is placed in front of the light blocker, so that we can put on the glasses more comfortably later. Its price is 29 dollars.

vision pro light blocking cushion

Grip bands

For the Apple Vision Pro to be properly attached to our head, we need to use grip straps. However, these straps come in two forms: Solo Knit band and Dual Loop Band. The difference between them? In the first we have a single thick strip that grabs the back, while in the second we have two thinner strips. While one grabs from the back, the other grabs from above the head. Prices? 99 dollars each.

vision pro grip bands