Do you want to have Instagram on your iPad? Well, maybe not…

Instagram, one of the most popular and widespread social networks, has an application for Android and iPhone phones. And although the iPad is one of the devices on which an official and adapted app could exist, at the moment we have nothing of it. This is nothing new, since if we want to use Instagram on the iPad, we have to launch the iPhone app. But all this is in the news again, due to some statements by the CEO of Instagram. So if you want to know everything that is happening, we will tell you in this post.

Statements by the CEO of Instagram have recently come to light, echoed in the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac, regarding the arrival of an application adapted to Apple tablets, instead of using the app of the iPhone at expanded size.

This is what Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, said

In a round of questions, which he himself launched on the social network he directs, he was asked if we are going to see an official application adapted for use on the iPad. And his response was brief, concise and clear: “We’re not working on it right now.”

They are not working on developing an official application for the iPad. However, why? What prevents or hinders you from launching this service on the platform? In the same medium they rescue fragments of an interview that Mosseri had with the content creator Marques Brownlee, in which they talked about the Instagram app for the iPad.

“It is not a sufficient number of people to make it a priority,” explained the CEO at the time. And according to what they disclose, the iPhone has a much larger user base than the iPad. Specifically, during the second quarter of 2023, Apple shipped 42 million iPhones, while for iPads, the units were 10 million.

At the moment, although we do not have an official Instagram app on the iPad, the CEO has also tried not to completely demoralize the public, saying that this could be “a good thing at some point”, but without investigating either the form or the at the temporal moment in which this could happen.

Instagram, iPad, Meta and iPhone

Instagram is an application designed for phones. And certainly, more than an app, it is an essential complement for many iPhone users. The technical capabilities of the cameras, together with the iOS software itself, make posting on Instagram more quality and immediacy.

ipad pro

But it is also true that we do not always want to be seeing photos in a smaller size. Although the iPad Pro cameras have many more sensors and quality (and it is much more difficult to take photos and videos than with an iPhone, due to its size), it will always be better to be able to view the content in large format, and not in a stretched app with the same layout as on the iPhone.