Do you want to improve your lock screen? Add these widgets

The best native Widgets for your iPhone

With the arrival of iOS 16, Apple introduced the ability to add up to four different widgets with a reduced size or two larger volume Widgets. Also, many of these Widgets are apple natives, that is, they come by default in iOS 16.

to add widgets, we have to press and hold the home screen of the mobile until it appears a bottom window to add the widgets. Despite the fact that we find many options such as time, location, temperature, sports rings, we do not find differential widgets from other users. For this reason, we will highlight three applications that allow you to fully customize your iPhone.

Third Party App Wigdets

There is infinite applications to personalize your iPhone, however, the three that we are going to mention are free applications that you can download from the App Store, two of them, focused on productivity and the rest, with a more visual component.


It is an application that you can download for free from the App Store and automatically shows battery percentage of the different devices that I have associated with my Apple ID. You can also add the battery of your MacBook, but you must have previously downloaded the app on your Mac device. It has a great customization option, since you can put the order you want.

If we look at the Widgets window of our iPhone, we look for the mentioned application and the Possibility of adding widgets in three different ways: horizontally, through the device icon and with all the devices you use. Of course, the free version only leaves you a maximum of three apps. If you want more, you have to pay a small subscription.

Top Widgets

Top Widgets

This app allows you customize and add widgets,but the most important thing is the possibility of being able to add dynamic widgets, that is, they can be moved across the home screen. Also, widgets can be doublethat is, that its dynamism affects more than one element.

It is an application that is more focused on the design and minimalism than benefits, since many of these options are not for professional or personal use. However, if it is true that it gives you a personal touch to your iPhone and in this sense, it does it incredibly well.

Lock Screen View


It is a very practical Widget application because it creates direct access to the applications you have installed.The process is extremely simple, since you only have to select the applications that you want to have on the home screen of your iPhone. In the Lock Screen View application You can have all the applications that you have on your iPhone screen, but you can only have four apps at the same time on the screen of our iPhone.

Once we have selected the applications, we can click on it from the home screen and it automatically takes us to the selected app. Besides, you can determine how do you want it to be graphical representation of the application, either through the symbol of the application, its name or the name and icon.

Leave us in the comments if you use a specific application for your Widgets or use Apple’s custom ones.