Do you want to know the battery consumption of applications?

Many of us worry about the incessant discharge of our phone's battery without realizing that there are many factors that cause a wear of this battery. We can see it in the applications we use daily and where we offer a guide to know who consumes the most battery.

There are many reasons that cause battery consumption to skyrocket. From the use of digital platforms with watching videos or even have mobile applications open that we are no longer using. There are factors that exhaust it and there are apps that spend more than others, let's learn how to find everything.

Guide to know which applications consume the most battery

It is evident that Any application has its normal wear system. For example, an application designed based on a video game has high graphical performance, something that strains GPR resources and is forced to strain the system's cooling systems. With this procedure, said battery is forced to use its resources to keep everything in order and therefore, The wear and tear is greater than other apps.

From the iPhone itself we can discover how our battery is being consumed and what apps are using it and in what percentage. To do this, we will follow these steps:

  • We enter our application “Settings”.
  • We slide our finger down and look for the option “Battery”.
  • Once inside, several options will be displayed, from “Battery percentage”, “Low power mode” and “Battery health and charge”. Below, it will tell us what interests us.

We will find some graphics displayed that represent battery consumption in 24 hours. You can also observe the different installed applications, its use, activity and battery consumption in the 24 hours. All of this is represented with a percentage, to know in detail which apps consume the most.

Do you want to know the battery consumption of applications?Do you want to know the battery consumption of applications?

Additionally, it offers a much more accurate summary. If you click your finger on the application, you will be able to know in detail how long the application has been used. This way you can see all the data together, both the time it has been displayed on the screen and the time it has been in the background.

This information is detailed in a 24-hour viewing format, but it can also be viewed in a 10-day statistic.

iPhone 15 Pro Max and box

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Do you want to save on the battery of your iPhone device?

There are many simple tricks that can overcome this problem, whether because you need a day full of battery or because they have been having battery problems lately and need that little extra. Don't miss any details:

  • You can make savings on your consumption. We came in Settings > Battery > Low power mode. We activate the screen so that this option is activated.
  • Remove that application that you do not use and on top of that it is making extra consumption of your battery.
  • Turn off location services. Many apps have location services activated and that causes them to consume. To deactivate it: Settings > Privacy > Location.
  • Deactivate or remove widgets that are not used, since they also consume.
  • Make a screen lock with less time. For example, if you have it set to lock the screen in 5 minutes, you can get a much smaller margin. To configure it, we go to Settings > Screen and brightness > Automatic lock. You can choose the best of times.
  • Disable some unnecessary notifications from apps. Notifications also consume battery, if there are notifications that you don't need, you can also disable them.
  • Learn to take care of your battery. There is an option you can use to optimize it. We go into Settings > Battery > Battery health. This is when we activate “optimized charging”, in this way the device will reduce battery deterioration.
  • At night or any time you don't use the phone, use airplane mode.

Do you want to know the battery consumption of applications?

  • Try whenever you can connect to WiFi from somewhere safe, since pulling data also consumes the battery.
  • Likewise, try Do not pull 5G if it is not necessary. To access it: Settings > Mobile data > Options.
  • Do not leave your phone exposed in places with extreme temperatures. For example, in places with very cold or high temperatures, more than 33ºC.
  • You can do two functions that can serve for that extra savings: one is activate the phone in dark mode and another is to lower the brightness of the phone.
  • Do not allow any device to connect to your Bluetooth. To do this, deactivate this option in Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth.
  • Turn off automatic app downloads or updates. Unintentionally, the phone is working automatically without realizing it and you can observe it with this option. To deactivate it you can go to Settings > General > Background Update. We personally choose or deactivate the applications that we do not want to update in the background.