Do you want to learn about art? Discover these apps

Do you like art? Do you know the use of some applications to learn about art? Fortunately we have our technology at our side to help us learn about a lot of culture and art that represents us. Whether you are a mere hobbyist, student or an artist, there are numerous applications that can help you get closer to these works of art.

These apps have been designed so that people can have more access and enrichment of multiple collections and works that exist in places that cannot be visited. You can access curious data, how it was made and when it was idealized.


 Do you want to learn about art? Do you want to learn about art?

It is one of the most downloaded and well-known applications. If you want to learn art, this app is full of works, covering a repertoire of 2,500 and with 700 biographies of well-known artists and to know.

Its handling is quite intuitive, practical and with details that you like. Includes category to view works of art, their artists and learn about the museums where the work is exhibited What do you want to know? Additionally, you can activate a notification, so that the app gives you a daily work.

DailyArt (AppStore Link) DailyArt (AppStore Link)

Google Arts & Culture

Another of the most well-known and used applications by art lovers. It is made up of a wide range of art and culture, taking a tour of the history of art in more than 2,000 cultural institutions from 80 countries.

You can make a trip or tour in numerous museums and with guided tours to see some monuments such as the Mayan temples. He also has access to the works of numerous artists, with their biography and what was represented in his time.

Google Arts & Culture (AppStore Link) Google Arts & Culture (AppStore Link)

Second Cavas

Application 2Application 2

This application is based on a Spanish creation and there are museums that collaborate such as the Prado Museum in Madrid and the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga, although in reality there are even 70 more museums. You have access to the works of art with the connotation of zooming in on the paintings and observing them in total detail. You can also know the details of the work and its author.

Second Canvas National Museum (AppStore Link) Second Canvas National Museum (AppStore Link)

Smartify: Art and Culture

It is an application to be able to enjoy hundreds of museums, art galleries and historical places. You can scan paintings, sculptures and objects to know in detail what they are about. In addition, you can take a tour of the rooms and have an audio guide about what is being exposed. If you want to visit this museum, you have the option of planning a visit and obtaining tickets.

Smartify: Art and Culture (AppStore Link) Smartify: Art and Culture (AppStore Link)


 Do you want to learn about art? Do you want to learn about art?

This app will help you have more knowledge about art and culture. It is one of the tools you need if you want to complete your bases on classical, contemporary, modern, visual and Western art.

You can see masterpieces and paintings, with detailed descriptions and historical reviews for lovers of various trends such as Russian art, the Baroque, Impressionism or the Northern Renaissance. Also, it includes an intellectual game to guess the image and its artist.

History of art - Artly (AppStore Link) History of art - Artly (AppStore Link)


WikiArt is designed to make art accessible to anyone who visits it. It has some 250,000 works of art by 3,000 artists. It recounts all these wonders in universities, museums, town halls and civic buildings in more than 100 countries. It is intended to do know the art that is not exposed to the publicEven take a tour from the works of rock art to the present day.

WikiArt (AppStore Link) WikiArt (AppStore Link)


This app is an interactive experience. Can scan artwork and discover all the history behind it and where to locate it. It is dedicated so that you can save all the works that you have scanned and you can Save them in categories or collections. Every day it will show you a work of art, where you can learn its main data and some curiosities.

Smartify: Art and Culture (AppStore Link) Smartify: Art and Culture (AppStore Link)



It is designed to house a large collection of works of art, where it covers more than 3,000 galleries, 800 museums and international fairs. You can discover great authors spanning centuries back to the era of new artists. There is a selection of works and genres that are not expected, such as street art, abstract art or even photography.

Artsy — Buy ​​and Sell Fine Art (AppStore Link) Artsy — Buy ​​and Sell Fine Art (AppStore Link)

Learn the art

This application is amazing! since it helps you know art through play. It brings together 140 paintings by the great artists of art history and is designed to interact with your learning. For your game a series of works will be presented, where we will be able to discover who the artist is.

Afterwards you can consult the database and the results will be tested. player knowledge with a quiz. There are several levels to this game, for those who are an art lover, the connoisseur, the expert, the scholar and the teacher.

Learn the art (AppStore Link) Learn the art (AppStore Link)