Do you want to see the Apple Vision Pro inside? They have already been dismantled

The Apple Vision Pro are a work of engineering. A technological feat in which Apple has managed to encapsulate the computer format in mixed reality glasses. And although they have only recently gone on sale, the truth is that they have already been able to be dismantled and see all their guts. Do you want to see what the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality glasses look like inside? In this article we are going to tell you all the details.

The Apple Vision Pro have managed to turn glasses into a computer. And not only that, they have also managed to encapsulate an immeasurable amount of technology in a rather small space: screens, lenses, filters, cameras, processors, sensors, and even motors.

The people of iFixit It is already an institution within the technological panorama. They are characterized by disassembling all types of technology products for illustrative purposes, so that the general public has instructions on how to repair them. And the Apple Vision Pro, despite the fact that they are only sold in the United States, and that they are a very recent product, have already passed through their hands. They have been completely dismantled. And what they have found is, to say the least, surprising. Do you want to see what they hide inside? We see it below!

Glasses that are based on a layer upon layer system

The apple company's first mixed reality viewer has a very complex structure at the assembly level. Looking outwards, The first thing to remove is the adhesives, bearings and belt hooks. necessary to hold the device to our head. Once these pieces have been removed, you have free access to the body of the glasses and maneuver with room.

Once everything on the outside has been disassembled (they also show how to remove the battery cover using a SIM card pin), it's time to start seeing what these glasses hide. To begin with, if we want to see what is under the outer glass, It is necessary to unscrew the sides and then remove the adhesive by heating. The first thing that surprises you is seeing the lenticular lens system on the front.

The image that is projected on the front is not through a screen with direct luminescence. Instead, it has a plastic filter that shapes an interlaced image. In fact, they show what this image looks like without the filter, and the result is curious to say the least.

After removing the first layer of the interior, it is time to dismantle the glass optics, which are joined by a hook system. Then it's the turn of the innermost part: the processors and the motherboard. All of this, yes, in a mixture of flex cables, screws, hooks and all types of circuitry that must be disassembled with great care, so as not to break or split the parts that make up the interior of the first mixed reality viewer of the company of the bitten apple.