Do you want to sleep better? The Apple Watch can help you

Apple, every year, shows progress in the analysis of parameters related to health. With WatchOS 7, it introduced a renewed Sleep Mode, considerably improving its features in the later generation, since it was one of the reasons why users bought an Apple Watch. In this post, we are going to see how understand and analyze all the parameters of Apple’s sleep mode.

Note: Before going into detail with Apple’s sleep mode, it is important to mention that the specific parameters of sleep mode are only available for those Apple Watch updating to WatchOS 9 and iOS 16that is, from series 4 onwards and iPhone 8 and later models.

Activate sleep mode

To activate sleep mode, you must have previously activated the option of “Wrist Detection”. If not, the Apple Watch will not be able to control our parameters. The steps you have to perform are the following:

  1. Open the Sleep app and tap Full Schedule. You have to set a time when you go to sleep and you can determine the period of sleep during the week or weekends to have the most correct analysis possible.
  2. Tap Wind Down or Sleep Goal under Options.
  3. Touch the Plus and Minus buttons to adjust the time.
  4. Tap the left arrow in the top left to go back and save your changes.

sleep mode results

To get Apple Watch tracking results, it is recommended to have sleep mode activated for at least four hours each night. established on hour minimum, you can go to the Apple Watch and from the digital crown and the dreams app, scroll down to the bottom to see how long you slept the night before, the time you spent in each sleep phase and how many hours you slept on average in the last fourteen if you have a history of it.

More specific data like Wakefulness, REM sleep, essential sleep, deep sleep we can only do it on the last night. However, you can click on the icon that information to explain carefully what each sleep parameter indicates. If we want to have complete information on the entire sleep period, you can use the iPhone and the sleep app, Since it is the device that we have associated with the Apple Watch itself and that we are going to structure below:

  1. Sleep history, open the health app on the iPhone and tap on the Sleep tab.
  2. In the App, a bar chart appears at the top of the app and is distributed as follows:
    1. Press “D” to see your daily sleep.
    2. Tap “S” at the top to see your sleep history for the last week,
    3. Touch the “M” option to see the last month or “6M” to see the last 6 months.
  3. Lastly, there is also the option to display more sleep data along with the ability to select a category to review additional sleep details.


Knowing our sleep is not just computer data, it helps us improve our physical and mental health and it is not nonsense. Control your sleep and rest correctly thanks to the iPhone and Apple Watch. Your health will thank you