Does Apple have a problem with their computers?

Apple has an update policy for its computers that greatly attracts the attention of many users, since in the end, if you compare it with what it offers for the iPad or the iPhone, you obviously see that the number of new features that end up arriving is much minors. Now, everything has an explanation.

The absence of news in macOS draws attention

Last week Apple released the first beta of the new version which will soon reach all those users who have a computer compatible with macOS Ventura, specifically macOS Ventura 13.3. Along with it, the rest of the versions for the rest of the devices also arrived, such as iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4 and watchOS 9.4, and as we said, if you compare the news that have reached these devices and those that have reached the Mac highlights the great difference between them.

For the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, Apple usually introduces many more new features than for Macs, and the reason is really simple, besides that it is very reasonable. Apple computers are devices that, for the most part, are used by professionals to carry out your work, this implies that any failure or performance problem can affect your day-to-day life much more and, above all, your ability to carry out your work activity than if it occurred on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, where it also has an impact but surely not as important.

For this reason, the steps that Apple takes with macOS are much firmer than in other operating systems, since puts reliability and good performance far ahead of the devices before the visual innovations that may arrive. Now, that does not mean that Apple has left macOS aside, quite the contrary, since it is an operating system that every year has more functions, which translate into more possibilities for people who have one of them in their day to day. A great example of what we are presenting to you is the large number of updates that these computers support and, above all, how well Macs with 5, 6, and even 7 or 8 years of life and their corresponding software updates work.

macbook out

In addition, and we return to the axis of the matter, the use that most users make Macs much more professional than leisure time, which means that even users do not have the need to see as many new things as what happens with iOS, iPadOS or watchOS, where the need to introduce both visual and functional innovations is much more demanded by users .

Even so, with this new beta of macOS Ventura 13.3, really interesting little ones have arrived for users. As it could not be otherwise, it adds support for all new emoji, something that all users always like. It also has the new HomeKit app architecture, a very important step taken by Apple to continue giving users all the facilities to automate their home. In the app Messages you will also have content previews for shared Mastodon links, new options in Shortcuts to create workflows that include notifications from Siri. Of course, all this is still in beta version, and according to Apple it will not reach users until spring, so there is still some time to enjoy it.