Does Apple really sell this in their store?

That Apple covers an immeasurable range of products and services is nothing new. Now, certain things that Apple sells in its online store may surprise you. Things that you can buy yourself. Some of them have a certain sense behind their sale, but some others are particularly surprising and extravagant. If you want to know them, in this post we will discover them.

Yes, Apple sells older macOS operating systems

Do you want to travel to the past? For a small fee you can go back more than 10 years in time (at least, in the realm of computers). Indeed, Apple is still selling two of its most iconic operating systems: OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Released in 2011 and 2012 respectively, you can still buy activation keys for these systems.

Let’s remember that macOS updates have not always been free. There was a time when each upgrade cost money. Also, to this day many old Mac computers are still working, so it is an official way to keep these computers alive. These systems are sold in the form of a digital key that you receive by email.

The 25 euro rag and the USB to 30-pin cable

If we continue in the line of old equipment, before the Lightning connector, Apple used the 30-pin connector. And to this day, although it is already discontinued, we can continue buying the official wire. It makes some sense if we use old equipment, but this cable is also compatible with data transfer, not only for charging. So it is also a good way to continue extending the useful life of our older equipment.

apple cleaning cloth

Now, what loses more sense, as a utilitarian product, is the famous “25 dollar rag.” In case you missed it, some time ago Apple had the wonderful idea of ​​selling a cleaning cloth (with its silk-screened logo) for the low price of 25 dollars/euros. Product that, to this day, is still being sold. To be funny? How collector’s item? Or is it a new way for Apple to make your own memes?

Speaking of memes, if you don’t like it, put wheels on it.

This product gave a lot to talk about at the time. And although it seems that we don’t even remember anymore, Apple continues to sell it in its online store. Guess the riddle, What has four wheels and costs more than an iPhone? Exact, all four wheels for mac pro featured in 2019! And it is that Apple continues to sell these 4 wheels, with a modest price that exceeds 800 euros. And if you don’t have a 2019 Mac Pro, you can also buy them as a collector’s item.

mac pro wheels

But if wheels aren’t your thing, and you want to keep things a little more “fixed”, you don’t need to buy the 4 wheels for the Mac Pro. You can also buy the 4 legs for the Mac Pro which, in this case, are Much cheaper than wheels. For just over 300 euros you can have 4 stainless steel legs, either for your Mac Pro or as a collector’s item. And most importantly: in both products, Apple includes an allen key to mount them. Are we perhaps facing a new super elitist product to collect? Only time will tell.