Does Apple say goodbye to the iMac?

The week that Apple is bringing us is being really hectic, and it is that both on Tuesday and yesterday, those of Cupertino have delighted us with different launches that, on the other hand, we had been waiting for a long time. However, for the moment he has forgotten about a product that requires the same renovation as his brothers, it is the iMac. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The renewal of the iMac does not arrive

When Apple began to make the transition to its own processors, it gradually renewed each and every one of them, even launching new equipment such as the MacStudio, and giving a new life to others that were practically ousted, such as the Mac mini. Now that he has been with the transition from the M1 series to the M2 seriesIt is striking how there is a product that seems to have been forgotten since Cupertino, the iMac.

If you put yourself in front of the entire range of Apple computers, you will be able to see how there are only two models left to upgrade to the M2 processors, the iMac and the Mac Studiosince this week we have seen how the Mac mini and the two 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro already have their corresponding M2 series processors. The Mac Studio situation is understandable, since it was the last to come out and also has the most powerful processor of the M1, the M1 Ultra, therefore, it is consistent that it is also the last to be updated. Nevertheless, What does not add up is that Apple has not already renewed the iMactaking into account that it has the M1 processor and that all the computers that had said processor, such as the Mac mini, MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro have already seen how their processor has been renewed.

What will happen to the iMac?

Of course it is unknown, since Apple’s movements with this computer are completely puzzling. Having said that, The possibility is not ruled out that today, Thursday, Apple will have a third consecutive launchand now yes, let’s see the renewal that this product is up to.

screen imac m1 2021

However, the movement that Apple has made with the Mac mini also leaves the iMac in a very compromised position, since if Apple gives you only the M2 chip To this team, it would be making the iMac now the least powerful computer in the entire range, along with the MacBook Air and even below the Mac mini, which already has the possibility of configuring it with the M2 Pro.

Side iMac M1

However, one of the possible scenarios is that Apple wants to launch during this 2023 a new more powerful iMacwhich can be configured with a M2 Pro and an M2 Ultra, just like the MacBook Pro, and leave the Mac mini as the only desktop computer with the possibility of carrying the M2, cataloging it again as an entry computer. In addition, this could also say goodbye to the current color range of the iMac, since it matches much more with what a hypothetical iMac Pro would be.