Does iOS 17.1.2 improve battery and performance?

As you already know, the Bite Apple editorial team likes to perform performance and battery tests on those devices that can update to the latest version of iOS 17, in order to know the evolution and optimization that Apple develops throughout the year. . Do you want to know the data of this latest update? Keep reading and we'll tell you everything.

Battery test

As it is a minor update, at first we thought it would not affect battery life much. However, it seems that this is not the case and it is an update that contains more information than we think.

  • iPhone SE 2020: After a battery drop with iOS 17.1, it appears that the iPhone SE is back to an almost similar position as it was with iOS 17, showing that Apple has optimized the battery for older devices.
  • iPhone 11: If we had previously seen that the SE had taken a leap forward in terms of battery, the eleventh generation has suffered the opposite effect, reaching one of the lowest autonomy levels since its launch. It seems that the updates are increasingly affecting this device.
  • iPhone 12: This generation has a constant increase in autonomy as the months go by, although it is true that it does not reach the levels that we saw with iOS 16, which was its best data. Throughout the year it will surely improve.
  • iPhone 13: We have the same situation with the iPhone 13, which recovers much of its loss of autonomy and is positioned with a performance similar to the release of iOS 16. The next update will be key to knowing the direction that one of the best units that has been launched will take. Apple in its history.
  • iPhone XR: This generation offers superior performance to the iPhone 11, achieving figures similar to iOS 16 and even surpassing them in some updates such as iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.4.

In conclusion, this update has meant a battery increase 0.14%, a ridiculous amount, but it shows that Apple is always working to optimize the operating system and offer the best user experience. Although it may seem like a very small increase, if it continues to improve little by little, in the 7-8 update you will notice an interesting jump in autonomy.

Improve performance

Regarding performance, this work team has done a test in Geekbench with my iPhone 15 base 128 GB. The results have been surprising and we will discuss them below.

  • iOS 17.1.1
    • singleCore: 2638
    • Multi-Core Score: 67056
  • iOS 17.1.2
    • Single Core: 2648
    • MultiCore: 6867

As you can see, in single Core there is hardly any difference with respect to its previous version, while in Multi-Core The improvement is small, but sufficient, which determines that the engineers of the most valuable company in the world have improved the performance of this generation.

In conclusion, I would not like to end this post without mentioning one small update that has also taken place in the AirTag. This Apple accessory has updated to version 2.0.61 and it does not include new features beyond bug fixes and other improvements.

AirTag case

For update an AirTag to your iPhoneyou have to do the Next steps:

  1. Open the Search app on your iPhone.
  2. In the bottom bar, tap on Objects.
  3. Select the AirTag.
  4. Click on his name.
  5. You will see the serial number and the firmware version that AirTag has.