Does Mail fail you? Here are some solutions

If you have problems with the native Mail application on your Mac, in this post we bring you some tricks that can help you. Whether they are synchronization problems, connectivity problems, and even in the scheduled sending of emails, we are going to see what can be done about it.

The problems with emails that you may have in the Mail application

One of the most common problems that the Mac Mail application usually has is synchronization with the email accounts that we have introduced. And one of the factors for which we usually have these failures is not so much the app’s fault, but the account information that is synchronized.

When we have an account saved, and we change the password, it will not be changed from the account that we have linked to Mail. So we will have to go to System Settings > Internet Accounts and review all the information on it again. If we edit the account parameters, we will have the option to change the password. When we have done this, we will only have to wait a few minutes for the information to be synchronized again, to receive the emails again in the app’s mailbox.

Synchronization is not only one of the problems that we can have. It can also happen to us that, when we want to schedule an email to be sent, it does not finally leave the tray. In the application itself it is explained that, For a scheduled email to go out at the set time, your Mac needs to be turned on and connected to the Internet. Since the emails do not jump from a remote server, it is our computer that is going to give the signal.

The information we see on the screen is important

If we are using the application for the first time, it may be difficult for us to get used to it at first. Above all, regarding how the different mailboxes are organized. And if we have several synchronized accounts, it is very easy to get confused at first, since we may be mixing mailboxes.

To do this, we have to go to the side menu on the right side of the screen. Here we have available the different mailboxes that we have synchronized. It does not matter if they are Gmail emails, company accounts, or iCloud. And it is that there is a section called Inboxes, which, if we press it, we will see all the emails of the accounts that we have added, indistinctly.

app mail mailboxes

To filter them, and see only those that interest us, just select any that is under Inboxes. If we do this, We will only see the emails that have reached each of the accounts separately.

But if in your case, you have divisions and folders within each account, you can view each one of them, scroll down to the name of the mailbox, in the same side menu. These categories (which in the case of Gmail can be created from the web), will be synchronized with the Mail app, and will be displayed in the same way as we have them on the web on our server.