Does my iPhone have a SIM card tray or is it digital only?

The most recent iPhones already have the possibility of having two SIM cards. But also, in the latest moves that Apple has made, it has removed the SIM tray on some iPhones, in certain countries. That is why, in this post, we help you to know if your iPhone supports SIM card virtual, physical SIM, dual SIM or only virtual SIM. So stay and we’ll explain everything to you.

The iPhones of the US and Puerto Rico are different

The entire range of iPhone 14 in the US and Puerto Rico is different from what is sold in the rest of the world. Beyond small differences in operating radio frequency bands (each country or region has its own operating bands), in this case it is a substantial difference: compatibility with SIM cards. And it is that, in Apple’s wireless adventure, now it is the turn of the nano SIM card trays.

And it is that, if you buy any iPhone 14 model in the US or Puerto Rico, despite the fact that these are free of an operator, and you want to use it in Spain or any other country, say goodbye to the physical format and embrace the virtual SIM (eSIM), because this is the path that Apple is beginning to mark. The model numbers that Apple lists as not having a physical nano SIM tray are as follows:

Of course, keep in mind that if you have one of these iPhones, you can only activate it through an eSIM. In addition, in the US, iPhones can still be purchased blocked by the operator. So, if you buy an iPhone that only supports eSIM locked, you will only be able to activate it with the eSIM of the assigned operator. As Apple itself explains, “the use of the eSIM may include restrictions on changing service provider and roaming, once the contract expires.”

Also keep in mind the opposite case: if you have an iPhone with a physical SIM card, you can use it in the US or in another region through roaming or contracting a data plan with an operator in the country where you are. The fact that US iPhone 14s only support eSIMIt is a purely technological change in the hardware section.

iphone 14 virtual sim

Also, all iPhones XS, XS Max or XR (hereinafter) are already compatible with eSIM. This means that, although they have a physical SIM tray, you can also use them only with a virtual SIM card. And also, you can use two SIMs in the same iPhone (virtual and physical). For iPhone 14 from the US and Puerto Rico, you can only use eSIM. And if you want to have two phone numbers on the same iPhone, you can only do it by activating two eSIMs.

As you can see, to date, the iPhones that have been sold in the rest of the world have physical SIM cards. Even the 3rd generation iPhone SE, sold in the US and Puerto Rico. Of course, all models prior to the iPhone 14 still have a physical SIM card and it is fully functional and operational. So there is nothing to worry about. At least in the short and medium term.