Does one AirPod discharge faster than the other? This may be the problem

Therefore, today we are going to see what the origin of this problem could be, the possible solutions, and what to do if nothing works. Since it is very annoying to have to listen with only one AirPod due to the autonomy of the other.

What to do if one AirPod discharges before the other?

The first thing we will have to take into account is the time of use. If this happens to us when we just purchased it, and after several charges and calibrations it continues to happen, it is best to take it to an Apple Store. It will be under warranty and they will possibly exchange them for others.

At the factory it may happen that one of the batteries is not completely correct, and that we notice its degradation sooner. In that case, the easiest thing, and thus eliminating problems, will be make use of the warranty.

But what happens if they no longer have them and you have been with them for several years? The cost of changing the batteries of the AirPods is 59 euros, so, unless it is an expensive model, it is likely that it will not be very profitable, and we will want to get new ones now.

To try to solve the problem we have 2 methods. The first of them is the calibration. Look for the complete discharge of both headphones and box, wait a few hours to confirm that they do not have any energy, and leave them charging overnight, both the box and themselves. If we do this correctly a couple of times and one still downloads before the other, bad news.

In this case we will have to move on to the second “trick”, and more than a trick it is an advice, since many people sometimes use a single headset, to go on public transport or even study or work, and thus be able to listen the other ear the ambient sound.


We have one bad habit of always taking the same AirPod, and this will make the useful life of one and the other very different, which will cause one of them to have a much newer battery than the other. Therefore, as a tip, change sides, start using the one with the most autonomy, and thus, when you put them together, it will begin to approach the useful life of the other. If you continue using the same one, the difference will become greater and greater.

It must be said that despite being new, it is normal for one to run out sooner, due to the type of music, call, etc. However, a difference of more than 5% would not be normal, unless we use the microphone of only one of them, which could also be the cause, because it will use more battery than the other.

And you, do you have problems with your AirPods? Have you found any other tricks or solutions to this problem? If so, leave us a comment with it.