Does the Apple Watch spy on us? Listen to everything we say

But if the clock knows this, is it because listens to us all the time? The answer is clear, yes, and you could realize it simply by thinking that when you say “Hey Siri” it responds, so you don't need another test to know.

Is my Apple Watch spying on me?

Now, we know that it listens to everything we say, but is it stored somewhere? Can someone listen to our conversations? The most interesting answer is this, since it will be what our privacy depends on.

And apparently, according to Apple, all our questions to Siri as well as The audio records that the watch automatically collects are not stored anywhere, and data is only used to make improvements. The latter sounds to us a lot like what Alexa does, in which Amazon ensures that everything is encrypted and that these audios and questions are used to offer you products that might interest you.

That is, although the company itself does not express it clearly, we are convinced that everything you can say or ask Siri will be stored (even if it is by a robot) and used to “casually” show you those sports shoes you were looking for.

We must trust that, evidently, it is likely that all this is encrypted, and a machine is in charge of processing it, making it impossible for a human to hear our voice, but will it be entirely true? We imagine so, since otherwise a large sanction could fall on the company, which we doubt that being Apple will risk it. Of course, many of the smaller and newer ones on the market do not have as much protection, so you would have to be careful with what you buy today, and above all, from whom.

Social media messages are also supposed to be, and just a couple of days ago a young man was accused of sending his friends a message saying he would put a bomb on a plane. If everything is supposed to be impossible to decipher, other than by a machine itself, why could they read it?

apple watch ultra on the table

In short, we will have to trust the words of Apple and the rest of the companies, but just know that Yes, everything you say your Apple Watch would be listening, and whether you store it or not, you will use it for commercial purposes, which is why many devices like Alexa are cheaper than what it practically costs to produce them. They are not interested in selling it to you as such, but rather in what they can get later with your use.

And you, are you one of those who are afraid of these things, or, on the contrary, do you not care if it is used for these purposes, as long as there is no one who is really spying on you at this moment?