Does the iPad mini have a market in 2023?

iPad mini launched originally in 2012 as a smaller, more portable version of the standard iPad. Since then, it has received various updates and improvements, but hasn’t seen a significant redesign in years.

Internal and external competition

The tablet market does not stop grow year after yearsince, little by little, they have become the substitute for a computer for many users. However, the iPad mini faces two big problems.

From a point of internal viewtablets are increasingly having a larger panel size to take advantage of the benefits of iPadOS such as multitasking and split screen, as well as advanced functions of Universal Control and Sidecar with your Mac. In addition, its price does not match, since it is at a higher price than iPad 10, one of Apple’s latest renewals, although it is true that you can use the Second generation Apple Pencil. Outside of Apple, we find hybrids like microsoft surfaceoccupying a very important market, reducing the market space for the iPad mini.

iPad mini

Along with the above, iphone they have an increasingly larger panel volume, although they are still small devices compared to the iPad mini, but more and more manufacturers are developing phones with the folded screen, generating an acceptable screen to watch movies and series. Therefore, Does the iPad mini have a future or will it become a product without a market?

iPad mini, to exist or not to exist.

The iPad mini features as strengths its portability and ease of use. His size, compact, makes it ideal for taking on the go, making it a good choice to use for students and professionals who use the iPad for presentations and conferences. His processor, one of the best on the market, makes graphic designers able to use it to work on small projects, because it has a small screen, but big enough to work on.

ipad mini size

The chip, A14 Bionic and its small screen, makes it an ideal device for play video games from Apple Arcade or watch movieswithout noticing heaviness in the arms when you have been with it for a while, a feeling that can give you with the iPad Air or iPad Pro.

Like all other iPad devices, the iPad mini features all the new iPadOS, an operating system that, without reaching the levels of macOS, is part of the Apple ecosystem and every time those of Cupertino give it more tools so that you can work efficiently autonomous and professional with the.

In conclusion, your popularity, its performance and portability They are its main assets to think that it is a product that has a market today, but its rivals and the need to work on larger screens, can make it an obsolete product.


In 2023, the iPad mini is before you. key yearbecause after the renovations of the iPad Pro and iPad tenth generation, the iPad mini has not undergone a renewal in 2022, so this year will be a turning point to find out what Apple’s objectives are in relation to the smallest product in the iPad segment.