Does the iPad mini seem expensive to you? Look at these offers

One of the most niche devices that Apple has is without a doubt the iPad mini, since it is made for a very specific audience that has really marked needs. Well, if you were thinking of buying this Apple product, you have to take a look at this offer that we provide you in this post.

discounts available

As you know, Apple is not a company that regularly downgrades its products, in fact, for this to happen what has to happen is that a new version of said device comes out, and even in most cases what the company does is remove the previous version of its stores, that is, it does not give the possibility to buy it. For this reason, having offers or discounts like the ones you have available right now on Amazon for the iPad mini is a fantastic opportunity to be able to acquire the equipment and at the same time save a few euros. Here are the discounts available to you.

  • iPad mini Wi-Fi
    • 64GB storage
      • Star white: no discount.
      • Space gray: 27 euros discount.
      • Pink: not available.
      • Mauve: 27 euros discount.
    • 256GB storage
      • Star white: 50 euros discount.
      • Space gray: 50 euros discount.
      • Pink: 50 euros discount.
      • Mauve: 50 euros discount.

  • iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular
    • 64GB storage
      • Star white: 64 euros discount.
      • Space gray: 64 euros discount.
      • Pink: 110 euros discount.
      • Mauve: 64 euros discount.
    • 256GB storage
      • Star white: 74 euros discount.
      • Space gray: 80 euros discount.
      • Pink: 80 euros discount.
      • Mauve: 74 euros discount.

Is the iPad mini worth it?

the ipad mini it is a different device, special that above all because of its size it is not made for everyone nor for all the usual uses of an iPad. That is why users, before buying it, have to be very clear about what they want to use the iPad mini for and know if it is really going to be able to satisfy their needs on a day-to-day basis.

ipad mini screen

Due to its size, the iPad mini is a device that is designed for two things, first, to be able to use it very comfortably in mobilitythat is, on public transport, on trips, anywhere after all, and second, to always be able to use it very comfortably, wherever. It has compatibility with the second generation Apple Pencil, so you can also use it as notebook in your meetings or even in college, although you have to take into account the size of this device. In addition, Apple does not have any keyboard that can “turn” this iPad into a computer, since it is not really designed to fulfill those functions, but rather It is a team much more focused on leisure than to productivity.

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