Doing more in less time is possible with your Mac and this app

With the latest updates to macOS, Apple has been adding useful productivity features to tidy up your desktop, files, and windows. However, third-party apps are very useful to finish improving functions of Apple itself, and even, incorporate them if your Mac it does not support the latest system updates. Here we explain it to you.

Organizing your desktop windows lets you do more in less time

From the already classic SplitView function, or the most recent visual organizer, there are two solutions that Apple itself has implemented and improved on the macOS system. However, what happens when you have more than two apps open, or do you need a specific size for each app you use? What if my Mac doesn’t support SplitView or it malfunctions?, although the answer might be to adapt the size of each window individually, the application Magnet saves us this workwith a panel of window dimensions options, to organize our desk to our liking.

And not only organize the desktop of a single screen, but also be able to send windows to other secondary screens with the press of a button. In addition, this app is perfectly compatible with the functions of SplitView and the visual organizer of Mac. The operation between these functionalities is not interfered, so you can combine them as best suits you.

Works seamlessly with your Mac

The Magnet application is downloaded from the Mac App Store, and its operation could not be simpler: you download, open the app, and it works. In the background, practically without consuming computer resources and it is accessible from the top menu bar. In fact, from the bar, you open the options panel and you get all the possibilities to move and adjust the windows on the desktop. Both the main screen and the secondary screens. You just have to click on any window you have open, and go to the Magnet panel to resize the windows to your liking.

This is an interesting app, since it allows you to organize applications in a more personalized way, beyond the limitation of two apps in SplitView. All apps work simultaneously, Magnet does not disable or interfere with operation of the programs. It just does what it’s best at: organizing your desk in the blink of an eye. And best of all is its compatibility: it works from version macOS 10.13 and is compatible with both Intel and Apple M1 and M2 processors.

Thanks to Magnet, equipment with less power and with older software versions, they can have a smooth and well-organized multitasking experience. Despite the fact that these computers do not have the Visual Organizer, or SplitView does not work correctly in both applications. Undoubtedly, a good way to continue taking advantage of slightly older Apple computers, and therefore extend their useful life a little more in the field of productivity.