Don’t break your iPhone! So you have to load it

Which adapter to use for each iPhone?

Each iPhone, depending on the model and year, will have a fast charge (20w) or slowa (5w), and that depends on the power that the adapter will be able to manage and that the device can receive. When the entire charging process occurs, it generates heatand heat is not good for batteries, since it can damage the chemical components of the battery.

Therefore, fast charging causes the battery to hot more and therefore, lose carrying capacity over time, especially if you use it every day. For this reason, whenever possible, it is advisable to carry out a slow charge, a charge that does not increase the temperature of your device.

A very interesting alternative is to use the fast charge at a time when you are in a hurry and want to have the mobile with good autonomy quickly, and use the slow charge, at night, so that it charges slowly throughout the night. It is true that you can use a fast charge with a voltage that is not the one that corresponds to your iPhonebut it can damage the battery faster and have to replace it in less time.

What about wireless charging?

Wireless charging also depends on the adapter you have and the MagSafe device. So we have to know what is the maximum power output that the MagSafe charger can emit, and that, in the case of the iPhone, it can be 7.5w and up to 15w.

wireless charging

The problem with wireless charging is that if It is not Apple’s Magsafe, it does not make the perfect connectionay if it is not like that, the load begins to be deficient. The charge, already in itself, already generates a little heat and if it does not have a good grip, it takes longer to charge and with heat. The iPhone, if loaded with a MagSafe, can ddetermine if the load is being too fast or not and tell the adapter to slow it down. On the other hand, if the wireless charging equipment is not of quality, the iPhone cannot control the power input for the battery, making the battery uncontrollable.

Can I charge the iPhone with third-party adapters?

The answer is It depends since it largely depends on the make you buy the adapter. The official Apple adapters are the best, as they have certain components inside that cause the iPhone to stop supplying a charge if it is charged to avoid damaging the battery and heating up both the device and the charging adapter.

charger cable

same situationwe have charging cablesdue to the fact that using third-party cables can damage our iPhone even though we have a quality adapter, since the power transfer is poor and therefore the iPhone can cause it to heat up and not just heat up , it also heats up the adapter, emitting even more heat to the iPhone.

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