Don’t buy the iPhone 14

All the details of the new iPhone are already known, both the 14 and 14 Plus models, as well as the Pro and Pro Max, and the sensations with them could not be more disparate. In this post we will focus on the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, a really minimal renovation that, of course, puts the 6.1-inch model in check, especially. We tell you everything in this post.

What’s new in the iPhone 14?

Surely, the renewal that the iPhone 14 has brought about, the normal one, is one of the lightest that has been remembered for years, and that is if we focus on what the iPhone 13 offered and offers and what the iPhone now also offers 14, it is hardly possible to find reasons that prompt the user first to switch from one to the other and second, not to buy the iPhone 13 before the iPhone 14.

Actually, the differences between these two models lie in small details, first of all it is true that the iPhone 14 has shock detection, which although it is very good to have it, does not make a striking difference. At the camera level, there are also small details, such as autofocus on the front camera, a slight improvement in the wide-angle lens, the presence of the Photonic Engine and the Video Recording Action Mode.

The great attraction of this generation is really found in the iPhone 14 Plus, which although it does not have any different specifications that improve the performance of the iPhone 14, it does offer users a significantly larger screen, which also implies a better battery than his little brother.

Your price doesn’t help

To this notable absence of novelties with respect to the last generation, a point clearly against these iPhone 14 is added, and that is its price. Far from lowering or staying, Apple has increased the price that anyone who wants to have one of these devices has to pay. While the iPhone 13, which by the way has not dropped in price, is available from 909 euros, to buy the iPhone 14 you have to pay at least 100 euros more, that is, 1,009 euros.

Of course, if you put aside the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, there will be few users who are worth paying 100 euros more to enjoy the small new features of the latest model. It is therefore that in the vast majority of cases, the most successful purchase in this case will again be the iPhone 13, especially if you are lucky enough to find an offer on portals such as Amazon or similar. Now, as we said, in case what you want is a device with much more autonomy, surely the iPhone 14 Plus could be worth it, since it also has a much larger screen where being able to consume content is a joy and that it can also be of great help to you to perform certain tasks such as photo editing.