Don’t get scammed with an iPhone on Wallapop

How to avoid being scammed with an iPhone

In Wallapop you can find different types of users, from small businesses that sell refurbished products to individuals who renew the iPhone every year and sell it through this platform to people who want to renew the device but do not want to make a large outlay. If you are a user who regularly buys on Wallapop, you may have noticed that there is a great amalgamation of products and prices.

One option to eliminate those incorrect or illegal sellers is search users by commentsbecause if you have a user with many positive commentss indicates that he is a correct, legal person and that he seeks to sell the product of quality and in good conditions. On the other hand, if you are a user who does not have a profile picture or comments, you have to take some precaution against possible deception.

Presentation of the product

The presentation of a product is a fundamental test of the state in which the product is. If the iPhone presents blurred photos, of poor quality or you simply put them downloaded from the internet or from Apple’s own official website, it is a seller who has a fake or broken device because he does not want to show photos of the product he sells, How am I going to buy a product from you if I don’t see how it is?

The most recommended thing is that the product contains many images from different angles and views, to visually see if the iPhone is in good condition or has bumps or breaks as a result of misuse. Along with this presentation, it is important to highlight the presence of a good product descriptionwhere we can know the reason why the user sells the device.

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Price within the market and constant sending of information

If you see a off-market price at any of its limits, discard that product because it may be the target of a deception, either because the product is not the one that appears in the description or because the device is broken and you do not want to indicate it. In addition, if the device has any damaged internal component, it will have a direct impact on the price, so it is an indication to know what situation the device is in previously.

A second question is whether the seller provides information of the device during the purchase process, since it provides videos where it can be seen that the iPhone works correctly and above all, it does not hesitate to send more information about the iPhone’s chassis as well as its fluidity within iOS. In this type of situation, the seller knows that his device is good and there will be no problem in the future.


If the iPhone and the client meet these requirements, other sections such as the general condition of the product, price, battery degradation or years of age begin to be assessed. Remember that even if you buy a second-hand product, in Spain there is a guarantee for a few months, so if you see any damage and want to return it, there are legal mechanisms to restore the purchase.

Leave us in the comments if you have ever bought a second-hand iPhone on Wallapop and how your experience has been