Don’t have storage on your Mac? We have the solution

One of the biggest concerns that iPhone users have is storage, and that for several Apple generations, all Mac models start from 256 GB SSD. In this post, whatWe want to recommend some very interesting external storage drives so you don’t have to worry about the storage of your Mac.

Running out of storage? Choose well

Next we will mention three external hard drives, all present on the official Apple page so you can enjoy a unique experience. We mainly highlight three devices, a very portable hard drive; an all-round hard drive and a hard drive for professionals.

The most portable SSD drive, LaCie

If you are looking for a portable hard drive, ergonomic, and very portable. It has very restrained dimensions, 1.1 cm high; 8 cm in length; 5 cm wide and weighing 45 g.
With respect to its characteristics, the La Cie hard drive reaches breakneck speed with reading speeds up to 1,050 MB/s reading and 1,000 MB/s writing. iPad’s USB-C connectivity makes it easy to back up, freeing up space on your device. Plus, convenient USB-C compatibility with Mac and Windows keeps all your files close at hand.

We find three levels of hard drive storage, 500 GB of SSD memory, 1 TB and 2 TB being sufficient storage capacities for the vast majority of users.

the all-rounder hard drive, LaCie Rugged


Within the LaCie range, we find a device that provides the portability that every user seeks in an internal storage disk and the storage capacity of the most professional disks.

This hard drive is a true all-rounder, consistency of IP67, to falls to three meters. In addition, it has compatibility between all your devices because it includes USB-C and Thunderbolt ports, which allows a perfect connection between Mac and Windows computers. Regarding file transfer, it allows disk speeds of up to 2,800 MB/s and vertex speed if you want to transfer video files in 6k or 8k format.

Regarding its weight, it is a device with very restrained dimensionss, with a height of 1.7 cm; 9.78 width; depth of 6.48 cm and a weight of 99.79 grams. A high weight, but it is a device designed to take it everywhere and not suffer any type of damage.

Professional D2 desktop hard drive with 8TB storage


For the users professionals within the most professional, the La Cie hard drive is a true storage titan. It has an aluminum casing that minimizes noise and vibrations. Among its features, the transmission speed of up to 260 MB/S and the possibility of connecting a USB-C cone cable and USB 3.1 second generation stand out.

It is true that it is a external storage drive for a very specific audience, professional who always seeks to work with almost unlimited storage. Also, weight is an important aspect that makes its main drawback is mobility, since it is a piece of equipment designed to complement your desktop or when you have the laptop on the work computer.