Don’t kill your MacBook every day

When you buy a MacBook, you have a computer for five or six years perfectly, due to software updates and the quality of its components. However, batteries are unfortunately one of the most degraded components of your Mac. Therefore, in this post, We are going to discuss a solution that seeks to lengthen the battery of laptops.

How to charge your MacBook battery

These solutions work regardless of the type of MacBook you have and how old it is. Mac batteries, as you already know, work for charge cycle, which a cycle is completed when it has managed to spend 100% of the battery.

Optimize your MacBook’s battery

The optimized charging It has been on macOS since 2019 with macOS Catalina. This charging system reduces battery wear Because your Mac learns from your daily charging habits to charge the battery up to 80% and finish charging before you unplug it from the mains. This option also makes the battery charge much slower and more leisurely, avoiding stressing it.

A second option that is important to disable is the option “Activate PowerNap with battery power”. This setting prevents your Mac from checking for email or other iCloud updates during sleep. For teams that have great performance of hardware, a very interesting solution is to activate “Automatically switch graphics mode”. This fix allows MacBook Pro models with multiple graphics processors to automatically switch between them to optimize battery life.

Plugged in or not?

This is one of the questions that all Mac users do, because it is not always advisable to have the device charging. “When is it advisable to have it charged on the power cord?”

The answer is when are we going to use apps who consume many resources, whether it’s playing video games, editing videos or doing projects in Blender or in the Adobe suite. In this case, if it is important to have the battery connected because it will draw power directly from the power cord when it reaches 100% of its charge.

Mac with Visual Organizer

In the event that we are going to use a use contrary to that mentioned, the battery percentage drop is slow, without stressing the battery. We may think that having the battery connected to the current is better, because that way we do not consume charging cycles. However, batteries are made up of lithium ion and if we always have it charged, the energy No HE move for all cells that are composed, the consequence of which is the increase in stress on the battery and its voltage.

Prevent Mac from overheating

The Apple Silicon have some benefits incredible thermal efficiency, autonomy and power, but we cannot forget that laptops have a less cooling than desktopso we must take into account some applications that help us control the speed of the fans.

macbook pro m2

Free applications such as Mac Fan control that allows you to control the speed of the fans or even determine at what temperature they have to activate, but, there are applications of single payment as Temperature Gauge, which has very interesting functions for good temperature management. Always remember these tips to be able to extend the life of your Mac batterysince having this component in perfect condition makes the user experience very good and you can have good equipment for many years.

ME Fan Control
ME Fan Control

Temperature Gauge
Temperature Gauge