Don’t let her get away! The iPhone 14 Pro Max 200 euros cheaper

One of the devices of the year at Apple is, without a doubt, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, and it is one of the best devices that any user can buy. Now, its price certainly cannot leave anyone indifferent, therefore, in this post we bring you an offer with which you can save up to 200 euros on the purchase of your new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

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The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the top-of-the-range model that you can find in the entire iPhone catalog that Apple sells, both in its physical stores and through its website, and it is that as we will tell you a few more lines Below, its specifications make it stand out as one of the best smartphones in the world, if not the best. However, and this is usually a constant at Apple, the biggest drawback it presents is its price, although the Pro Max model already had a high price before, after the adjustment that Apple has made due to the economic situation in our country. , the amount of money that users have to invest in it has skyrocketed, reaching 1469 euros in its base model of 128 GBthat is to say, an outrage.

However, despite the fact that Apple does not offer discounts on its products, there are other stores and establishments that have its equipment and that, in this case, do carry out these specific offers that come in handy to save a good amount of money. money. This time the lucky one is the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which in MediaMarkt has up to 200 euro discountbeing able buy it for 1269 euros in its 128 GB version.

The advantages offered by the iPhone 14 Pro Max

This device shines for many reasons, but it certainly has several key points that are why most users opt for it and not for other models. The first of them is, as you can foresee, Your camera. At the level of photography and video, both the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Pro are one of the best exponents on the market, and they are surely the most balanced of all, offering great versatility in all situations. Above all, at the video level, it is without question the best.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Lenses

One of the highlights is its sizeand it is that in the end it is a large device, with a 6.7-inch screen, which implies that Battery of this iPhone is the best on the market, placing it as the smartphone with the greatest autonomy, something that of course must be taken into account when purchasing it. The screen It is also a real joy, and it is that in addition to its size, having the ProMotion technology is an advantage, since in the end the feeling of fluidity when using it makes a considerable difference.

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