Don’t screw it up! This is the best iPad you can give away

With the presentation of iPad Pro and the 10th generation iPad, Apple has completed the renewal of its products in this 2022, leaving a catalog with the two new products to which it is necessary to add, the iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad 9th generation. However, if we carefully analyze the entire iPad range, there is a very interesting device that is value for money for most users and that is the ideal option for this Christmas. Specifically, we are referring to the fifth generation iPad Air.

It has nothing to envy to the Pro series.

The fifth generation iPad Air is between the two 2022 renovations. We might think that it is a transition iPad, but from a hardware and software standpoint, it’s superior to the 10th-generation iPad and has similar aspects to the iPad Pro discussed above. Obviously, it is a device that has some deficiencies, especially at the panel resolution level, but with it you can do practically the same functions as the most professional products in the iPad segment.

Apple Silicon M1 and Accessories

The best iPad for this Christmas includes the first generation Apple Silicon, which is a very powerful processor and that can function in most scenarios without any drop in performance, where again we find noticeable differences between the tenth generation and with features similar to the Pro range. In terms of performance, the iPad Air is a device that is capable of responding to tasks of office automation and graphic design tasks. Of course, you will not be able to count on Da VinciResolve for professional video editing topics as it is reserved for the Pro series.

iPad Air + iPhone

With respect to accessories It is one of the most interesting sections, due to the fact that the fifth generation iPad Air is compatible with the second generation Apple Pencil, the same Pencil that the iPad Pro carries. Along with this, we have to add the keyboard, which is available for this version of iPad.

colors and prices

The iPad Air is designed for a much broader audience, where a expands color palette, although it maintains the character with a professional touch if you are looking for a sober color, such as black. Finally, the price It is one of its main attractions, since the iPad Air is priced at 769 euros, a price higher than the tenth-generation iPad with better features and well below the 1,049 euros that the iPad Pro costs. It is true that the iPad Pro has a larger storage on the input device, but there are solutions to this situation by purchasing the service of iCloud or using other cloud storage services like Google Drive or DropBox.

iPad Air

In short, the iPad Air is the best iPad you can buy this Christmassince you have the same accessories with few exceptions, the same performance as the Pro series. The difference in price can be used to improve the device or buy apps that you use in your work or professional performance as a university student.

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