Don’t screw it up! This is the iPhone 14 you have to buy

In the September Keynote, not only were the news that the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max brought, above all, but Apple also released a new iPhone model that did not exist to date, the iPhone 14 Plus. For this reason, in this post we want to tell you the reason why this device is the best purchase if you want to get one of the two iPhone 14 models sold by the Cupertino company.

The battery, the strong point of the iPhone 14 Plus

Apple has decided with the iPhone 14 generation to take on a model that had been appearing for two consecutive generations, but nevertheless, the success had not been as expected by the Cupertino company, and neither the iPhone 12 mini nor the 13 mini have sold enough that Apple will not consider replacing it.

That is exactly what has happened with this generation, the hypothetical iPhone 14 mini has been replaced by the iPhone 14 Plus, that this is a reality and is also completely opposite to the mini model. In essence, it is an iPhone 14, since none of its specifications change, except for the size. This one has a 6.7 inch screenthat is, the same size as the one that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has, and that implies that it also has a larger batterywhich is just the great attraction of this device.

Given the lack of news from the iPhone 14 compared to the iPhone 13, really the most attractive for users who want to buy a “normal” model of iPhone 14, is the Plus, and simply the fact of having a screen of larger size and, above all, a considerably better battery, is reason why those who don’t mind having a bigger devicethey end up opting for this particular model.

More features of the iPhone 14 Plus

In addition to having a larger screen and a battery that gives its users more autonomy, the iPhone 14 Plus does not have any major novelties compared to the iPhone 14. However, the small improvements that this one has compared to the 13 added to the advantages of the 14 Plus they make this last yes that be a very good option for many users who do not want to pay so much money for a Pro model, but who do want to have a device that has plenty of autonomy to be able to enjoy all the functions it has without worries.

iPhone 14PlusThe cameras are a real delight, and although they do not reach the level of the Pro, they are more than enough to be able to take photos and videos of great quality. The main lens has improved compared to the iPhone 13, with a better aperture that will allow you to obtain sharper images. In addition, another lens that has improved is the front one, which also has a more optimal aperture, making selfies better than ever.