Don’t wait for Black Friday! The iPhone 12 is priced out

Black Friday is approaching and it shows, in fact many stores like MediaMarkt are already preparing for it and are dropping real bombs on the market, as is the example of the discount that the iPhone 12 currently has, one of the devices with the best relationship quality / price that you can buy today. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

discount available

BlackFriday is, without a doubt, one of the best times to buy a technological device, since there are many manufacturers and stores that offer different discounts. However, given the great competition that usually takes place on that day, some anticipate it and during the weeks prior to this day they launch different discounts.

Well, that is just what has happened with the iPhone 12 in its most basic version, that is, the one of 64GBthat MediaMarkt has reduced it a lot, right now having a really attractive price for all those who do not want to pay what models like the iPhone 13 or the new iPhone 14 cost. The applied discount leaves the iPhone 12 with a price of 735 euros, which is considerably lower than its official price of 809 euros. Therefore, it is presented as a fantastic opportunity that, of course, cannot be missed.

Is the iPhone 12 worth it in 2022?

Surely this is the question that many users ask themselves before this offer, does the iPhone 12 really make sense in 2022? Well, the answer is yes, since the features that this equipment has are still more than enough for a large part of the public. It is usually thought that the best purchase is always the latest model, and the reality is that the best purchase is the one that has the best quality/price ratio and is capable of satisfying the needs of each user, which is why the iPhone 12 makes all the sense in the world in 2022.

iPhone 12

It has the same design which, for example, currently has the iPhone 14, and the reality is that its features are not much different. Their drums it is capable of performing for a whole day with moderate use. Count with one dual camera modulemade up of a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens that give it tremendous versatility, not to mention the incredible results they are capable of capturing.

At the level of power It is obvious that there will be no problem, since Apple makes all its devices work like a charm through the different software updates that the company presents throughout each year. Also, you have to take into account its size, with a 6.1 inch screen It seems like the device with the ideal dimensions, which allow you to enjoy a large screen but without losing comfort when using the device on a daily basis. Finally, mention that it is available in different colors, such as the black, star white, red, blue, green and purpleso you can choose the one you like the most.