Don’t want Apple insurance? You will like this option

Apple Care+ is the insurance that Apple offers to all users who buy a device from the company and that offers many advantages such as a reduced price on repairs, as well as technical assistance in case you have a problem with an Apple device from its official page. However, it is possible that there are users who do not like this extended warranty insurance offered by Cupertino, so in this post we are going to talk about a very interesting alternative such as Zurich Kling

Zurich Kling, the safe alternative to Apple Care+

Zurich Kling is a specialized insurer in protecting electronic devices, among which Apple is included, offering coverage and support to most of the devices of the Californian brand. There are sections in which Zurich is a good alternative to AppleCare+since many of the advantages offered by the Californian company are offered by the German company.

Zurich’s Strengths

Zurich, like Apple Care+, performs all repairs through official Apple suppliers, that is, repair centers that are authorized by Apple. Therefore, if your iPhone breaks, the device will be repaired with official parts and you will not lose the guarantee that Apple gives to its devices. In addition, in the case of repair, Zurich pick up the product from your home and brings it home when it’s fixed, just like AppleCare+

Unlike AppleCare+, covers all types of damage, damage that may come from the factory, such as damage caused by theft or the consequences of this in the event that it presents damage once it has been recovered.

The main advantage that Zurich has is the possibility of being able to activate and deactivate it whenever you want, without permanence and configure it, so that we can activate it at specific times, when we are making a work trip or vacation trips, which are times when the device may be more exposed. This makes it very interesting with respect to AppleCare, that you have to pay for it if or if during one year

Lastly, the prices are personalized, since Zurich does a specific study for each user based on their uses and work activity, that is, a user who is working from his study will not have the same price as a user who has daily mobility.



The German insurer also has some Disadvantages regarding Apple service. The first of it and perhaps the most important is that it does not cover all of the company’s products.

Today, the alternative to AppleCare+ does not support both Apple TV models, the 24-inch iMac, and Studio Display and Pro Retina XDR monitors. However, for those products that have constant mobility, such as the iPhone or the MacBook, it offers specific insurance for each of them.

applecare+ products

Both AppleCare+ and Zurich have advantages and differences. However, there is no doubt that it is a good alternative for those users for whom the extended warranty service is excessively priced and will only use it at specific times of the year.

Zurich Klinc Auto
Zurich Klinc Auto

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