Don’t waste your money, the best iPhone to buy this Christmas

Apple has introduced four iPhone models in this 2022, the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 plus, and the pro models with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. However, we all know that Apple has raised the price of its products as a result of the current situation, therefore, Which model is the most suitable to buy this Christmas?

The iPhone 13, the best “old” device for this 2022

At this point of the year, many users want to give or buy an Apple device, however, we always ask ourselves the same question about what device is the most recommended to make a big outlay, because as we all know, iPhones are not cheap devices.

If we analyze the Apple catalog, we find a series of models that are officially sold in the Apple Store, where there is precisely an iPhone that does not belong to the previous generation, but that has a cheap price and has not been on the market for many years. . Exactly, specifically we are referring to the iPhone 13.

  • Design: The 6.1 inches, flat edges and a fairly moderate weight make it a really comfortable device to hold in hand, as well as use it on a daily basis, because it is a perfect balance between a large screen and the comfort it provides.
  • cameras: One of the main bulwarks of any iPhone is the ability to take high-quality photos and videos in all scenarios. Its wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras offer outstanding results that do not have to envy current models.
  • A15 Bionic chip: It is the same chip that the iPhone 14 uses, so, in terms of power, you will not have any problem or difference between generations and you will be able to run any game or application without problems.
  • Autonomy: Since the iPhone 11, Apple has taken a leap forward in the battery of its devices, both due to the efficiency of the chip and the increase in batteries. This iPhone 13 has a battery that you can reach a day or a half day without problems, being ideal for most users.

iPhone 13

The few differences compared to the iPhone 14

Obviously, the iPhone 14 is not a copy of the iPhone 13, far from it, since it has better features in both hardware and software. However, the gap between generations is very small, so it makes more sense if possible to think about buying this model before the one recently presented by the Cupertino company. However, for us to analyze well what are the main differences between models 13 and 14, we list them below:

  • Colors: the color gamut is different, which is an interesting aspect, especially since no one wants to have a device that doesn’t like its color.
  • Camera: the incorporation of the Cinema Mode, which represents a leap forward in the way of recording video for both amateur and professional users. Inside the camera, we find the second difference in the TrueDepth, which is a front camera with autofocus.
  • SOS Emergency System: The iPhone 14 includes the accident sensor, which is very interesting in case we have an accident on the road.

iphone 14 purple

Regarding the battery and the rest of the remaining hardware, it is true that it has a slightly better autonomy and has one more core in the GPU, but in general terms and on a day-to-day basis, You probably won’t notice a difference in that regard, so the iPhone 13 is the most recommended purchase for this Christmas.