Don’t you like the Homepod? These are three interesting alternatives

Apple introduced the new second generation HomePod, maintaining the same as the previous generation but with new features in the field of hardware and software. However, for many users the price is excessive. Therefore, in this post We are going to see some alternatives to Apple’s smart speaker.

HomePod Alternatives

When Apple discontinued the first-generation HomePod, the music segment was left with just the HomePod mini. However, two years later, Apple re-released the new HomePod at the same price and same design as the previous generation. True, in the upper part, where the touch panel is located, which has been slightly modified. However, for many users, the basic problems of the device are still there, so we are going to analyze some very interesting alternatives below.

Bose – Home Speaker 500

Bose sound speakers are characterized by having a professional sound and great technology, which makes it a very interesting alternative to Apple’s new HomePod. The device has the same circular shape as the HomePodand very good connectivity due to its Bluetooth connection, Wifi, Apple AirPlay and the possibility of connecting to both Apple Music and Spotify.

Also, the virtual assistant is Alexa and the Gxoogle assistant, so you are going to have two of the most advanced virtual assistants on the market. One last differential feature with respect to the HomePod is the controlsince you can customize the sound due to the Bose Music application or the six presets that you have on the top of the speaker.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound


This smart and portable speaker It has a compact, easy-to-grip design and a weight very small with a total of 650 grams. As for the soundit is true that it does not reach the quality levels of the second generation HomePod, but it has great bass quality and True 360 ​​sound that make Beosound Explore to know the environment around you and be able to emit sound according to your position in the space.

Previously, we have commented that your portability is one of its main advantages. In this sense, it has a battery of up to 27 hours and a robust design that facilitates its use in any outdoor activity. Lastly, highlight the easy controls it offers thanks to its smart and minimalist interface that allows you to control music volume and stereo pairing anywhere.

Sony SRS-XG300


A device from the Japanese brand, which is characterized by creating musical products of the highest quality, could not be missing from a choice of alternatives to HomePod. This portable speaker is designed to go out with friends and be the ideal complement for your meetings with your friends or family.

As we have commented, he is thinking both for the outdoors as well as for the studyis water and dust resistant (IP67) and even has a Mesh finish that repels spillage. Its battery, up to a total of 25h and quick charge of 10 minutes to give more than an hour of duration, makes it impossible to run out of music at an event.

It has functions of customization like the MEGA BASSwhich increases the quality of the bass, adding to the good quality of its X-Balanced speakers, front tweeters and passive radiators.