Doppler HiFi Now Lets You Import Music From Your Library

You can already manage your private music in a library and use the Apple Music streaming service with the company’s music app. If you are still seeking alternatives, you can use the Doppler app, which is also accessible for iOS and has a macOS version that is been around since July of last year.

It is primarily designed for users that manage their own local music libraries, for as via purchasing mp3 songs or ripping CDs. The program has features including cover art search, rapid access to recently added content and playlists, album merging, and iPhone syncing in addition to supporting several well-known formats like MP3, WAV, AAC, and FLAC.

Doppler’s New Update For macOS Allows You To Play Music From Private Collection

The ability to transfer an existing music collection from the Apple Music player or from iTunes is now available for the first time with version 2.1. You may now choose “Import from Music” as a setting when you first launch Doppler to configure your music library. The team publishes this in its blog. You should be aware that Doppler in version 2.1 does not yet support smart playlists or star ratings.

Changes to the folder where Doppler tunes are saved are another new feature of version 2.1. For a while, the feature was only accessible to beta testers, but now it is open to all users. For instance, you can use this tool to save the Doppler folder to an external USB device. Additionally, the update enhances compatibility with external metadata programs like Meta, Mp3tag, and Yate.

Doppler for macOS can be downloaded for free from the development team’s website and fully tested for seven days after installation. The music player’s complete version can then be purchased for USD $30.