One of the novelties that has most attracted the attention of the new iPhone 14 and iOS 16 is what is known as Dynamic Island. Let’s say it’s like a Notch but supervitaminado. In this new concept you can receive notifications and best of all, you can interact with them. For this reason, Apple has found a gold mine in this section and does not want it to become obsolete before its time. One of the ways to appear that you have something new, but without having it, is thanks to the design change and that is what Apple has done with the Dynamic Island in certain contexts. It has changed its design. Let’s see when.

Dynamic Island, that new Apple concept introduced in the iPhone 14 that helps us control various actions, but standing out above the rest, notifications. A new element that users have liked and that, therefore, the company must take maximum care of. In fact, you have already started the improvement process. With the latest beta version of iOS 16.1Apple has adjusted its design on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to make it more visible on a dark background.

At the same time that a darker wallpaper is used or we have selected the dark mode option activated, Added a light gray border around the Dynamic Island when the screen is dimmed and when it is in use.

Dynamic Island in the iOS 16.1 beta

It should be clear that this attenuation, only occurs in a dark environment. On lighter colored wallpapers where the Dynamic Island outline is already visible, disappearing when iPhone is unlocked or not in use, and reappearing when playing music or using an app that displays content, the border will return to Appear.