€85 for a Mac charger? Why are they so expensive?

And the thing is, if you have lost it, it has been broken, or you simply want to buy one, you will probably be quite scared when it comes to buying it, since its price is too high, at least for what it offers, but, because?

Why is a Mac charger worth so much?

If you are a regular Apple user, you will know that all their products and accessories have a high price. You only have to look at the screen cleaning cloth, which costs 25 euros, however, the company attributes it to their quality, and it is true, you cannot compare what the Tim Cook brand offers us with any other imitation from AliExpress, but, in the case of chargers, is it worth it?

Yes and no, and despite being really good and of quality, there are much cheaper options and very similar, however, we cannot compare it with cheap options or imitations, in this case, what we will be doing is risking the health of our equipment, and they are precisely not cheap to do so.

It's like buying a Ferrari and putting 50 euro Asian wheels on it, we shouldn't risk the cost of the product with cheap accessories. Now, we can go for popular and certified brands for a lower price. And 85 euros for a simple head and cable is crazy.

In its day, with the magnetic MacBook chargers, it was more complicated, and it is true that there the imitations and options we had were not as interesting. However, the current ones, type C, have much more variety.

There are thousands where we can choose, however, we leave you one here, with more than 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon, which has even greater power than the original, which, despite costing 85 euros, charges our computers at a speed little slow, for my taste and comparing it with the price we paid for it.

In summary, It is not worth purchasing the official Apple charger, at least for that price, however, we cannot go for a 10 euro imitation either, as we will be putting our Mac at risk, and possibly degrading the battery at a much higher rate, which will mean we will have to change it and have to spent more than we saved. The saying that cheap is expensive is true, and we must always look for a middle ground.

And you, are you one of those who buy the cheapest once you need to make a replacement? Are you one of those who goes for the original product? Or are you more like me, and look for the best quality, but saving some money? Leave us a comment telling us the type of person you are and the reason why.