The iPhone’s Lightning connector has its hours counted with the upcoming release of the iPhone 15. International pressures and laws have made it increasingly difficult for Apple to continue with its own connectors. That is why the next iPhone 15 will come with USB-C as a charging and data transfer connector. But not only that, since Apple accessories must also have a version with USB-C since at least four new iPhone 15 models will have it. In fact, EarPods with this connector would already be in mass production according to a leaker.

USB-C will come to iPhone 15… and EarPods too

The month of September will be a key month for Apple. Not only because of the launch of the iPhone 15, but also because of what it implies. It implies not only the almost definitive abandonment of its Lightning connector but it implies welcoming USB-C to one more device (and not just any one): the iPhone. The latest iPad models already include this connector for charging and data transfer, but abandoning Lightning in a device like the iPhone is a very important change.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

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The earpods from Apple are the big apple wired headphones that although they have been relegated by the AirPods they are still available for purchase in stores. According to a leaker on Twitter EarPods with USB-C are already being mass-produced for sale in September. These EarPods will connect directly to the iPhone without an adapter in between.

The big apple is also expected to adapt other accessories of its own to the USB-C connector although not in the short term. Among some of these accessories we have the charging cases for AirPods, the MagSafe battery, the Magic Keyboard, the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Mouse. We will see what is the integration of USB-C in the Apple ecosystem and what are the times established by the big apple in the short, medium and long term.