Editing messages on WhatsApp is just around the corner

Such an elementary function seems impossible that it is not still available in the most popular messaging application, but the reality is that you still cannot edit messages in WhatsApp, Although the wait is about to end.

We are now more than used to WhatsApp adding new features slowly, although we must admit that it seems that the speed in recent months has accelerated. Yeah a few weeks ago the possibility of blocking chats within WhatsApp using Face ID or Touch ID was added, soon we will be able to edit the messages we have written. This functionality already has the countdown close to its end, because the messaging application itself has announced that it will launch it to all users shortly, which means that perhaps when you are reading this article it will already be available.

For a few weeks now, users of the Beta version of WhatsApp have been able to edit messages, but soon all users will be able to do so. If you have written a message incorrectly, or you have not noticed that the autocorrect has changed what you have written and you have already pressed the send button, now you will not have to delete the message or send a new one, but you can correct it. To do this, all you have to do is hold down on the message in question and select the “Edit” option from the contextual menu that appears on the screen.

You will then see how the message appears in editing mode, to delete everything that is incorrect and write it again. Clicking on the blue button on the right will send it again. That edited message will appear with a label that identifies it as such just below, next to the time it was edited, so the recipient will know that you’ve edited it. What messages can you edit? Well all the text messages you send during the first 15 minutes after you sent them. After this time you will no longer be able to modify them.

This functionality will appear in the application in the next few days and, as it always does, it will not be deployed to all users at the same time, but the new functionality will gradually expand among users. Yes indeed, make sure you have the updated WhatsApp application to its latest version.