Elon Musk lashes out at Tim Cook and Apple for removing advertising on Twitter

Since Elon Musk made the purchase of Twitter final, everything on the social network has changed. Not only externally with the true functionalities of the social network, but internally with the dismissal of thousands of Twitter engineers and workers from all over the world. Nevertheless, Elon Musk’s true loudspeaker of rebellion is his Twitter account. These days the idea has arisen that the drift in which Twitter was going could remove the application from the App Store and the Play Store. The story has continued with that Apple has withdrawn most of the advertising it had on the social network. And this has produced the anger of Elon Musk who has directly asked Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, what is happening.

Elon Musk (Twitter) to Tim Cook (Apple): ‘What’s going on?’

Elon Musk’s new crusade is now with Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook. It all started a few days ago where the first rumors began to arrive that the App Store reportedly threatened Twitter with withdrawing its application from the App Store. Apparently a notification had been received, or so Musk stated in the social networkbut without any explanation. The American tycoon’s solution? Ensure that if the iOS and Android applications were removed, he would have no choice but to create his own smartphone.

However, this story had just begun. Yesterday, Apple pulled the vast majority of its advertising on Twitter. And this has caused the monumental anger of Elon Musk, who dedicated the following tweet to the Big Apple:

Minutes later, he appealed to Tim Cook’s attention with a challenging message: “What’s going on here, Elon Musk?” Still far from ending the controversy, it seems that Elon Musk had more cartridges saved for the big apple and began to dive with the payment policy within the App Store, a regulation that has been in force since the beginning of the App Store: 70% for Apple and 30% for the developer.

At the moment there is no response from Apple to all this succession of events, and there probably won’t be, but at least we know that strings are being pulled from the ranks of Cupertino to alleviate Elon Musk’s offensive. Finally, the CEO of Twitter closed his string of tweets against Apple, assuring that the United States is a free place. And that this crusade that he has at the moment is for the future of civilization. If the freedom of expression that Musk defends ends in the US, according to him, “Tyranny is all that lies ahead.”