Elon Musk Takes A Dig At Apple

Reports that Twitter’s redesigned Blue membership may not be offered as an in-app purchase on iOS when it eventually relaunches to avoid Apple’s 30 percent cut on App Store purchases. Only the Twitter iOS app was the place to buy the new Blue when it was temporarily offered earlier this month. However, Elon Musk appears to want to avoid having to pay Apple’s fees even while he is openly tweeting his discontent with the company.

Elon Musk Does Not Care About Twitter’s Biggest Buyer

The New Blue, which enables users to buy a blue verification check mark, was scheduled to relaunch on Tuesday, according to Musk, after signups were suspended due to a rash of impersonators.

However, Platformer claims that the launch has been postponed, and The Verge has also learned of the postponement from a source with firsthand knowledge of the situation. According to Platformer, Twitter employees have been informed of more modifications to Blue, including a one-cent pricing hike from $7.99 to $8 and the need for phone number verification.

Data from ad management company Pathmatics shows that between November 10 and November 16, Apple spent $131,600 on Twitter advertisements, which is almost half of what it did between October 16 and October 22 – the week before Elon Musk bought the social media for $44 billion. Apple was the leading advertiser on Twitter in the first quarter of the year, spending around $48 million there, or about 4% of total revenue. About 90% of Twitter’s revenue comes from advertising revenues.

Elon Musk claimed in a tweet that Apple required developers to pay 30% of each in-app purchase made through the App Store. He also retweeted a parody video about Fortnite’s problems with the App Store that claimed 2020 would resemble 1984.