End the week with the whim of the year. The iPhone 15 on sale

The iPhone 15, now at a discount thanks to Miravia

We are all very happy about Apple’s price drop in relation to the iPhone, going from exceeding 1,000 euros to being below 950 euros in this new generation. Now, we can’t go crazy, because the price drop has only been 50 euros, yes, with the offer that we are going to describe below it is a real price drop, so, keep reading, what’s going on for you? to like it, you’ll see.

We will only be able to find this price drop in Miravia, since Apple is a company that is not characterized by lowering prices, but rather its value is maintained throughout the year and only drops when a new generation that is better is launched. than the current one. Hence the importance of offers like Miravia, promotions that allow users who do not want to spend a lot of money on an iPhone to get the new generation at a much more affordable price. Let’s see the prices below:

For 128 GB configuration.

  • iPhone 15, 128 GB, A16 Bionic, black: 921.00 euros.
  • iPhone 15, 128 GB, A16 Bionic, pink: 921.00 euros.
  • iPhone 15, 128 GB, A16 Bionic, blue: 921.00 euros.
  • iPhone 15, 128 GB, A16 Bionic, yellow: 921.00 euros.
  • iPhone 15, 128 GB, A16 Bionic, green: 921.00 euros.

For 256 GB configuration.

  • iPhone 15, 256 GB, A16 Bionic, black: 1,034.00 euros.
  • iPhone 15, 256 GB, A16 Bionic, pink color: 1,034.00 euros.
  • iPhone 15, 256 GB, A16 Bionic, blue: 1,034.00 euros.
  • iPhone 15, 256 GB, A16 Bionic, yellow: 1,034.00 euros.
  • iPhone 15, 256 GB, A16 Bionic, green: 1,034.00 euros.

Remember that, from Miravia you can enjoy 25% if it is your first order from the Miravia application and 10% if you make the purchase from the website. Shipping costs are free and arrival time is 48-72 hours.

A 100% recommended iPhone

The iPhone 15 is a very interesting product, a generation that has inherited many new features from the iPhone 14 Pro. One of the most obvious is the arrival of the Dynamic Island, which completely changes the way we relate to our device.

Along with this, we have to add the arrival of UBS-C for the first time on iPhones and that opens up the infinite possibilities of improving our connections and being able to transmit battery between your iPhone and your Apple Watch or AirPods.

We also have to highlight the new chip, the A16 Bionic processor, a processor that has spectacular performance and excellent energy efficiency, giving you a battery from dawn to dusk. I have an iPhone 15 and I have the battery if you press it, it gives you a performance of approximately a day and a half. Now, if you charge thinking about the long-term performance of the device, it is best to charge it every day in 80-20% charge batches.

Finally, we cannot forget the screen of this new generation, which although it maintains the 60 Hz of the previous generation, has one of the best calibrations on the market, with a brightness rate of up to 2,000 nits. Without a doubt, a true marvel. In short, don’t think twice and buy this iPhone 15 with a discount at Miravia, the best discount of the generation that I have seen.