The arrival of a new device causes a sensation among the most Apple fans. Among them, there are media and companies dedicated to analyzing every detail both at the software and hardware level to describe all the news in detail. This is the case of iFixit, which is responsible for disassembling the devices to determine how easy the device is to disassemble, analyze the parts and the changes with respect to the previous version and, above all, determine the evolution with respect to its predecessors. Thanks to that we can enjoy some of these wallpapers that show the interior of the iPhone 14 and its X-ray images.

Enjoy these wallpapers from inside the iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 arrived a month ago through its official presentation and since then many and very varied news have come to light. This new iPhone comes with great innovations in the design of its Pro model, saying goodbye to the notch to make way for the new Dynamic Island interface. Although the chip that all its models carry is still the A15 chip, which is also carried by the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, performance has improved thanks, among other things, to the increase in RAM in all its models.

iFixit a few days ago disassembled all iPhone 14s to determine the degree of disassembly of the device as well as to find and analyze the ins and outs of its interior. Although a priori it seems that the design is continuous with the iPhone 13, there are big changes at the hardware and industrial design levelas iFixit comments in its article:

The iPhone 14 opens at the front and at the back. This is the iPhone 14 reborn as a beautiful butterfly: a midframe in the center, an accessible screen on the left, and a removable rear glass on the right.

iPhone 14 pro camera

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In fact, iFixit has also published a series of wallpapers for iPhone 14 in which you can see its real interior and an image also in x-ray format. If you want to give your new iPhone 14 a different touch, you may want to download one of these or the ones available on their official website.