The year 2024 will be loaded with new products. It is likely that in the next two months we will see a renewal of the entire iPad range and in September, like every year, we will be able to see the next generation of the Big Apple mobile phone: the iPhone 16. We have been speculating for many months about the arrival or not of artificial intelligence functions to the Pro models as well as a design change that we do not know if it will arrive or will finally remain in the pipeline. But today a series of information has been published that They bring the design of the iPhone 16 closer to what the iPhone with pill-shaped rear cameras, very compatible with all the information collected in recent months.

The essence of the iPhone X or the iPad Pro could reach the design of the iPhone 16

Rumors and analyzes always have to be seen from the perspective of what they are: simple information that guides towards a place. In the case of the iPhone 16, we have been receiving information of all kinds since almost October or November of last year, months after the launch of the iPhone 15. This information always guided us towards a revolutionary change of the iPhone 16 at the level of design and functionality, some rumors that have been extinguished little by little, leaving that revolution in the air.

iPhone 16 Pro

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However, a few hours ago the user posted on Twitter @MajinBuOfficial a series of new schematics of the next iPhone 16. Some schematics that showed the new design of the iPhone 16. From the beginning we have known that Apple was going to modify the design of the iPhone 16 but we have always had three different alternatives. But all of them shared the same thesis: The cameras were going to be together, in pill form, to promote spatial video recording for the Apple Vision Pro.

Detail of the iPhone 16 cameras in a concept

These new schemes are along those lines as well. At least as far as design is concerned. It will be the standard model that will have the greatest change since they currently have diagonal cameras. The iPhone 16 will have a camera design that fuses the design of the iPhone X and iPhone 11, thus leaving its essence in this new device, with a main pill in which the two cameras are embedded.

In it Pro model is included a interior redesign for the arrival of new capacitive touch buttons and a possible capture button on the side that will be pressure sensitive. The design will be similar to the current one with the three cameras, but could resemble the extended tablet model of the iPad 2022.