Europe and Microsoft mark the future of Apple

In September 2023, Apple received some of the hardest news that it had been waiting for for months: the obligation to open its iPhone so that there is a third-party application store that allows it to circumvent the Cupertino rate, that is, the fee that Apple takes. for each purchase. As a result of this situation, it seems that Microsoft will be the first major corporation to launch its own app store on iOS and iPadOSplaying for the first time in Apple land.

Officially: the App Store is a monopoly

Regardless of whether you are more of a fan boy or less, the App Store is a monopoly since its origin with a fairly basic operating strategy: I offer you security, control and a market of 1,000 million units and in exchange I keep between 15% and 30% of each transaction.

More and more companies have denounced publicly and privatelyto the situation Apple’s dominance in iOS and iPadOS. As a consequence, the European Union indicated that Apple must open its application store for the aforementioned operating systems according to the Digital Markets Law (DMA).

Microsoft comes into play

Due to Apple’s situation and the ruling of the European Union, Microsoft is going to play its card with the aim of launch your own video game store on iOS and iPadOS. His workhorse will be Activision, one of the largest purchases in the history of the industry that has involved an outlay of more than $63 billion.

iPhone 15 base with 128 GB storage capacity, dual camera and pink color

What does this mean? According to rumors and reported by 9To5Mac, Microsoft seeks that with its application store, users can download and buy video games belonging to its portfolio.

It seems that this type of third-party store will incentives a lower commission to developers and a greater distribution of income between all the companies that make up the app community within the Microsoft suite in order to benefit the migration from one platform to another.

People won’t abandon Apple

We all agree that the App Store is a monopoly and there is no doubt about it. Now, this does not mean that all of us users who have been buying and downloading applications from the Apple application store for years are going crazy to change platforms. In fact, I would say that it is very unlikely and we will need a long time to change our “comfort zone.”

Apple App Store: App Store

So that we understand each other, we imagine that Microsoft or any other store or corporation launches its own application store. It surely has many more new features than Apple has to generate added value. Now, there have been many alternatives to Google Chrome, to Twitch, to YouTube and people have continued to be on the same search portal or applications. Therefore, Microsoft has to be very careful that its investment does not have the expected results because the critical public does not want to change.

To all this, we have to add that one of the great things that the App Store has is its refund and subscription policy, where if you want to return the application, the company chaired by Tim Cook offers you all the solutions. This is an aspect that gives a lot of security to users and the new X apps have to offer a similar service.